FlightHub aims to simplify travel for Canadians

The Montreal-based online travel agency has introduced the FLIP campaign, highlighting initiatives that help make travel management a more seamless experience.

Montreal-based online travel agency FlightHub is a service that allows Canadians to make travel planning more simple and less stressful.

The company’s FLIP campaign highlights FlightHub initiatives aimed at offering a more practical and enjoyable approach to travel, in keeping with the company’s mandate to enhance the customer experience. Watch the FLIP campaign videos below for a peek at what FlightHub has to offer.

FlightHub users can now benefit from a user-friendly FlightHub app as well as the recently relaunched My Trips platform, a customer portal designed to streamline the travel management process. This tool centralizes all the customer’s travel information in one convenient location, allowing for easy changes and cancellations with just a click.

“In introducing FLIP, we’ve honed in on the core of what makes travel a pleasure: simplicity. It’s about delivering a service that removes the friction from trip planning, ensuring that the only challenge our customers face is choosing their next adventure. We’re committed to providing a straightforward, enjoyable and dependable travel experience.”

—Henri Chelhot, CEO of FlightHub

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FlightHub aims to simplify travel for Canadians

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