Keeping it Cool: Gambling with Friends in Montreal

There are several great options for gambling in Montreal.

Montreal has a vibrant social scene that attracts people from all over Canada. Canadians who are interested in gambling can visit one of three major casinos in the city. But, for many people in Montreal, the casino experience isn’t just about the chance to win money. If you’re planning a friends’ night out, Montreal’s casinos offer the perfect blend of thrills and social entertainment. We spoke with the team at CasinoRIX Canada for their insight into why Montreal’s casino scene and nightlife are ideal for a friends’ night out.

Planning the Perfect Casino Night

The perfect night at the casino does require some planning on your part. Whether you win or lose, a night out with friends is always memorable. Here are some of our tips for planning an exciting night at one of Montreal’s casinos.

● Choose the venue – there are three major casinos in Montreal (Casino de Montreal, Casino Du Lac-Leamy, and Casino De Charlevoix). Check out what each casino has to offer and what amenities are nearby to make the right choice for your night out.

● Make a schedule – most players will have a budget that they need to stick to. To avoid overspending, you should set a schedule that includes taking breaks from the gaming floor.

● Plan your play – what type of games do your friends prefer? Are you playing with first-timers or seasoned gamblers? Are there any casino tournaments on the night you’re going? Have a talk with your group about everyone’s gaming preferences to see which games you can play together (ie- blackjack, craps, etc.).

● Set the tone – a night out at the casino is always more memorable when you set the tone from the beginning. Set a theme and create a night around it. This can include dressing up, themed drinks, snacks, and anything else that adds to the evening.

Group Games and Friendly Competition

There are several casino games where you can play with or against your friends. If you want to play together, avoid the slot machines and head to the table games. Strategic players can bring their decision-making skills together for games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. With games like these, you can play individually or as part of a team. Playing as a team can make the game a lot more exciting because you guys can cheer each other on. Not to mention, team play is a lot more budget-friendly.

The Social Media Aspect: Sharing the Excitement

Montreal casinos are the perfect balance of excitement and glamour. Your night out will be one to remember. One of the best ways to relieve these memories is having photos to look back on. These pictures will be too good to keep to yourself. When you share them on Instagram (and other platforms), you might inspire someone else to plan their own casino night out and keep the fun going. 

Montreal’s Unique Casino Events: More Than Gambling

Major casinos in Montreal are entertainment venues. Gambling is just one of the location’s attractions. When you’re planning a casino night in Montreal, make sure you check out what else is happening in the area that night. Casino de Montreal is known to host a variety of different shows throughout the year. Patrons can enjoy live music, comedy, dance, magic, and other types of shows. After you’ve chosen your venue, make sure you look at what type of entertainment is coming up. Your night out will be a lot more exciting if you plan it when there’s an event going on that you’re interested in.

Creating Traditions: Regular Casino Nights with Friends

Creating traditions is a great way to create long-lasting memories. Often, friendships are the relationships that get the least amount of nurturing, especially when life gets busy. But, by creating a fun tradition, you have a reason to always bring the group together. These casino gatherings can be a great way to enjoy a shared hobby with a little bit of competition. You can make the tradition much more exciting by tracking progress and setting goals for the outcomes. Even when you can’t visit a casino in Montreal, you can keep the fun going by hosting casino-themed parties at home. 


There are several great options for gambling in Montreal. This city has a vibrant nightlife packed with exciting things to see and do. Bringing your friends to the casino scene is a great way to enjoy social games and friendly competition. Do you have a game strategy that’s better than your friends? There’s only one way to find out!