Milk and Bone, DVTR M for Montreal

Milk & Bone and DVTR

M for Montreal celebrates the local scene with their Marathon festival, Nov. 15 to 18

91 acts will be playing 16 venues over 4 days next month, and the complete lineup dropped today.

M for Montreal has dropped the lineup for the 2023 edition of their Marathon festival, bringing 91 acts to the stage at 16 venues all over the Quartier des Spectacles and into Mile End from Nov. 15 to 18.

Joining the program of already-announced acts — LaF, VioleTT Pi, Philippe Brach, 36?, Afternoon Bike Ride, HAWA B, Marie Davidson, Nadah El Shazly, Ouri, Robert Robert, Super Plage and zouz — are underground Quebec favourites Geneviève et Matthieu, pop powerhouses Simon Kearney and singer Félix Dyotte as well as up-and-coming stars les Lunatiques, Sorry Girls, Grand Eugène, Prince Amine, Ivytide and Vendou. Other notable acts in the 2023 Marathon lineup include la Sécurité, Population II, Alex Nicol, RIP Pop Mutant, DVTR, Das Mortal, Ouri, Atsuko Chiba, Ragers and Hippie Hourah.

Two album release events will take place as part of the festival on Nov. 18, with former Canailles member Alice launching her EP Du love à revendre at Quai des Brumes, and Tango Golf Tango launching Dark Tropical Express at Diving Bell Social Club. On the same night, Marathon has booked Calgary hip hop duo Cartel Madras at la Sala Rossa alongside Milk & Bone, dee holt and Virginie B.

While putting the spotlight on locals is the raison d’etre of Marathon (and M for Montreal’s industry showcase series, also happening in mid-November), there are always international band on the bill. This year the Marathon lineup includes acts from France (Al-Qasar, Blue Orchid, Suzanne Belaubre), Wales (Bethan Lloyd, Mace The Great), England (Otto Aday), Egypt (Nadah El Shazly), Ivory Coast (Andy S), and the U.S. (CDSM).
M for Montreal celebrates the local scene with their Marathon festival, Nov. 15 to 18

For more on the Marathon 2023 festival, and to buy individual show tickets (prices vary) or festival passes ($100), please visit the M for Montreal website.

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