Discovering Montreal’s Best Dog-Friendly Dining Spots

There are several good places to eat with your furry friend in Montreal.

During the summer, dog owners enjoy spending time outdoors with their canine companions, exploring the best this city has to offer, including its remarkable dining establishments. However, not all places permit dogs. If you are constantly seeking dog-friendly spots or simply love to dine in the presence of these adorable angels, take a look at these fantastic dog-friendly places!

Is Montreal a dog-friendly city?

Montreal is a dog-friendly city! With numerous parks, green spaces, and even dog-specific areas, it’s easy to see why this city is loved by both humans and their furry friends. Many cafes, restaurants, and bars also welcome dogs on their outdoor terraces during the warmer months.

This does not mean that all establishments are friendly to dogs and other pets. People often ask “Is Cafe Le Monde dog-friendly?” The answer is no, they will have to wait outside. This is far from an isolated example. But there are still places to go with pets.

Best Dog-Friendly Dining Spots

#1 Cuisine AuntDai

This Chinese restaurant is truly remarkable. You’ll be grateful for our recommendation as the love in every delicious bite is unmistakable. Even better, you can bring your dog along when you crave Chinese food. The only requirement is that your pet behaves, which is perfectly reasonable!

#2 Cordova

Cordova is a sought-after place in St-Henri, known for its delectable coffee, lively cocktails, and mouthwatering preserves. The welcoming staff is always pleased to greet you and your furry friend at their establishment!

Whatever place you choose, try to book tables in advance. Even if you are abroad, do this to avoid facing full seating at the restaurant. If necessary, set up VeePN for iPhone to bypass regional restrictions. Some websites offer booking options for locals only. A good VPN like VeePN solves this problem. You can even use the free trial mode.

#3 Barley

Barley, located on Notre Dame, is a delightful brunch spot where you can enjoy creative grain dishes while spending time with your dog. Not only is this place pet-friendly, but they also have a fondness for canines, making it even more enjoyable. This restaurant is perfect for you and your furry best friend to stylishly brunch together.

#4 Ono Pokii

Ono Pokii, nestled on Sherbrooke in Westmount, captivates with its refreshing culinary creations crafted from the finest, locally sourced ingredients. Indulge in their delectable dishes that will leave you craving for more!

Notably, this charming family-owned eatery warmly welcomes your four-legged friend on their picturesque terrace, complete with a specially arranged doggy bowl! Prepare for an unforgettable experience that both you and your furry companion will cherish.

#5 Duc De Lorraine

Duc De Lorraine stands out as one of my top spots in the city. You can relish some of Montreal’s most delectable pastries and coffees with your loyal canine companion by your side. It makes for a perfect morning. Additionally, they offer an exceptional brunch menu.


You can even take advantage of Montreal’s pet-friendly nature. There are several good places to eat with your furry friend. They are suitably equipped, quite cozy, and offer an extensive menu.