Drennon Davis Business Cats

We spoke with Drennon Davis and his famous Business Cats

Davis will be performing two free outdoor Just for Laughs shows this week — without his cats, and they are not loving that.

Though Drennon Davis has been doing comedy for years, it was his Business Cats videos that propelled him to the next level through the magic of social media.

Davis has had an incredible professional career in comedy, having appeared on Comedy Central’s The Meltdown, Adam Devine’s House Party, NBC’s Last Call, the Conan O’Brien show (multiple times with his musical partner Karen Kilgariff) and Last Comic Standing (where he was a semi-finalist). But Davis and his clowder of cats are on the verge of becoming household names, with hundreds of thousands of followers on TikToK, YouTube and Instagram, where his videos have had millions upon millions of views and likes. 


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We spoke exclusively to Davis and all four cats — Doug, Newt, Toad and Frog — about his upcoming free outdoor shows at Just for Laughs (July 25 & 26) and what that will be like as a live experience. (Please note that this interview was edited and partially written by the little paws of the Business Cats.)

Amy German: I see that you’ve been in comedy for a long time, but the popularity of your Business Cats has created an incredible cult following. Do you bring any of that into your stage show?

Drennon Davis: Hello! Yes, it’s true, I’ve been doing comedy professionally for almost 20 years now, in one way or another. And yes, my cats are under investigation for starting a business cult. Legally I’m not allowed to talk about it but what I can say is this: the live show is possibly even dumber than the cat videos. No matter what medium I choose to work in, it’s always a wqqqqq3 [cat edit] celebration of the absurd.  

AG: Do you still do a lot of live shows?

Drennon Davis: Absolutely!  I’m performing less than I used to, but the shows I can squeeze into my schedule are better than ever. My Business Cats have high expectations of me to be on top of my day job, so it’s nice to unleash on stage at night, when I can. It’s all about balance. Travelling is certainly trickier these days with animated projects and an album being recorded, but we make it work. Basically, my cats and I made a deal: If I finish all of my work, I can use my vacation hours and do my “little skits” in Montreal. 

AG: Does the writing for the cats/online audiences ever eclipse the writing/comedy you do beyond them?

Drennon Davis: Oh totally! Not all the time, but a good deal of shadowing was to be expected, and even welcomed. When I got my cats during the pandemic, I was going through a bit of an ego death. I’ve never loved the L.A. narcissism and adopting these cats helped me shed the tendency that all comedians get to be centre stage for many years. “There is no ‘I’ in ‘BUSINESS!” my cats always say, and though that’s not true, never mind. 

Look, it’s like this: If you’re in a scene with a cat, good luck being funnier or better looking. Cats are nature’s beautiful baby clowns. Watch and learn, comedians. Honestly, they are truly some of the funniest comedy partners I’ve ever had, and I’ve worked with some of the best. 

AG: What can Montreal audiences expect when they come to see you?

Drennon Davis: Lots of stupid songs, impressions that no one asked for and some well-placed screaming in between my ADHD thoughts. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a lot like my cat videos.

AG: Which props are you bringing, or do we need to make a shout-out to local cats to volunteer?

Drennon Davis: Honestly, I would love it if people brought their cats. Not sure the cats would reciprocate the feeling. Maybe let’s leave them all at home this time — I’ve got this covered. I’ll be bringing my music gear and the world’s most positive DJ, who also happens to be my emotional support puppet, DJ YEAH!  I’m not yelling, the exclamation point is part of his name. I’m also bringing my good buddy and fellow comedian Nick Stargu, who will play some songs with me, maybe a magic trick or two? We’ll see what Canadian Customs allows! 

AG: Are you willing to work with French Cats?

Drennon Davis: OUI!!!

Questions for Business Cats

Cult MTL to Frog: What do you think about your dad traveling that far away from you guys (California) to do Just for Laughs?

Frog: I’m gonna have to circle back to you on that. I’m back. Here at Business Cats Incorporated, we support all of our team’s hobbies and cultural practices, just so long as numbers are up and deadlines are met. Right now, we’re restructuring some of our departments. Layoffs could be inevitable, depending on our current trajectory with certain in-house associates and their productivity levels. BUSINESS!

Cult MTL to Newt: Why should we go see your dad’s show?

Newt: Look lady, I don’t love the idea of him being outside alone, but after his PowerPoint presentation on how performing at this festival will boost morale in the workplace, we’ve decided to make an exception. Be warned: If I hear of ANYONE hurting his feelings by not coming, I will hunt them down in cold blood and microdose on their tears of terror. Not a threat, it’s just BUSINESS.

Cult MTL to Toad: Do you think that your dad is funny?

Toad: Dad? I don’t listen to him but I vaguely remember him trying to tell a joke at the water fountain once. If I’m being honest, I don’t really find people very funny. They talk too much. Is that racist?

Cult MTL to Doug: Are you going to be a bigger star than the rest of your roommates (Dad included)?

Doug: Uh, sup. Let me be very clear: I am not here of my own free will. Not only do I not want to be in this interrogation, but I don’t want to be a star. I want to be a blackhole sun, where I’m alone to cosmically thrash everything that I come in contact with. Does that answer your question? I don’t care.

Cult MTL to everyone: Which one of the four of your cats is the mastermind behind everything?

Newt: I’d say that I’m the sexy one who also happens to be the mastermind.

Frog: Yeah, I’d say I’m the best at having muscles and being the boss of everything because I’m a genius. 

Toad: Well, it’s interesting because everyone always tells me that I’m perfect, but they’re wrong because my brain is abnormally smarter than other brains. 

Doug: My answer is: whatever gets this over with the quickest.

Drennon Davis: We’ll have to get back to you on that. 

Toad: Just hurry up and go to the show so we can get back to BUSINESS!

We spoke with Drennon Davis and his Business Cats ahead of Just for Laughs

Just for Laughs presents Drennon Davis: Outside Voices on Tuesday, July 25 (Beneva stage, 7:15 p.m., free) and Wednesday, July 26 (Loto-Québec stage, 8:30 p.m., free). Davis will also perform as part of The Alternative Show at Théâtre Sainte-Catherine on Wednesday, July 26, 11:59 p.m., $35.50

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