7 Amazing Things to Do in Las Vegas in November

November is a month with plenty of things for guests to do.

November is an exciting time to visit Las Vegas because the first two weeks have less tourist activity, while the last two months have more tourism for the Thanksgiving holiday. So, choose which time is better for your schedule. 

The Las Vegas weather in November is pretty calm and cool outside. Since it is in the heart of the autumn season, you can expect much cooler temperatures than summer. That means you can enjoy more outdoor activities in Las Vegas in November because you will feel more comfortable outside. 

Want to learn about all the fantastic indoor and outdoor activities to do in Las Vegas in November? Below are the top seven things to get you started.

Tournament of Kings

The Tournament of Kings is perhaps one of the best dinner shows in Las Vegas in November. It offers a thrilling blend of action, adventure, history, and enjoyable food. The 90-minute show transports audiences to a medieval arena in the Middle Ages, where jousters and knights battle to the death for the audience’s pleasure. Don’t worry, the show is suitable for children and adults since no blood or gore is shown. 

Few shows in Las Vegas in November serve complimentary dinners like the one you get for attending Tournament of Kings at the King Arthur’s Arena of the Excalibur Hotel. All guests get treated to a dinner consisting of lemon pepper roasted potatoes, an apple square, a slow-roasted Cornish hen, and a dinner roll. There is also a vegan menu option if you’d prefer that. 

Fountains of Bellagio

Outside the Bellagio Hotel are the Fountains of Bellagio. They consist of over 1,000 nozzles blasting water hundreds of feet into the air over an artificial lake. Anyone passing the Bellagio Hotel can look at the fountains and admire their beauty and gloriousness for free. 

Be sure to visit the fountains at nighttime between 8 PM and midnight because water and light shows perform every 15 to 30 minutes within that timeframe. The lights do a splendid job of illuminating the water and making the fountains look mystical and memorable. You won’t want to miss them in November. 

Explore the Las Vegas Strip

Why not explore the Las Vegas Strip in November? The outdoor temperatures are cool enough to walk around and enjoy yourself on the Strip.  

The Las Vegas Strip is over 4.2 miles long and features the most iconic hotels, shopping malls, and resorts worldwide. You could spend a few hours walking the entire Strip and observing all the best sights without spending any money

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like walking 4.2 miles through the entire length of the Las Vegas Strip, you can take bus tours or helicopter tours instead. They provide more convenient traveling on the Strip because you’ll enjoy more air conditioning and travel speed.  

The Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area

A 30-minute drive outside Las Vegas will bring you to the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. It is a beautiful canyon with colorful red rock formations, hiking trails, barren desert terrain, picnic grounds, and more. 

The Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area is the perfect place for spending time away from the busy city life of Las Vegas. You could spend hours walking, jogging, or cycling the trails and admiring the beautiful views nearby. 

In addition, you can take one of many tours of the Red Rock Canyon, including hiking tours, electric bike tours, and scooter tours. They are a lot of fun and give you a unique opportunity to learn and explore more of the canyon. 

The Rat Pack is Back

Do you like the songs of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin? The trio represents the famous 1960s group “The Rat Pack,” which went on to define Las Vegas entertainment and inspire future generations of singers and musicians. 

The original trio is no longer alive, but you can see brilliant impersonators of them at The Rat Pack is Back in the Copa Room of the Tuscany Suites Hotel. These talented impersonators capture every aspect of the iconic singers, including their vocals, wardrobe, personalities, and style.

All guests will receive a complimentary dinner. The menu choices include spaghetti, eggplant lasagna, a filet of beef, and chicken marsala. Visit Vegaslens to learn more about The Rat Pack is Back and other shows performing in Las Vegas in November. 

The High Roller

The High Roller holds the record for being the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. If you’re not afraid of heights, wouldn’t you want to have the honor of riding the wheel to the top at 550 feet above the ground? It will give you a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip from high above at the LINQ Hotel. 

Guests enter massive glass cabins with 360-degree views of the Las Vegas Strip. Each cabin features heating, air conditioning, video screens, narration, and windows in every direction. As a result, you can quickly look above the Strip and see all the sights as if you were a bird in the sky. 

The Grand Canal Shoppes

The Venetian Hotel Resort features several spectacular attractions, such as the gondola rides and cobblestone walkways. However, the Grand Canal Shoppes is a highly notable attraction at the hotel, which features some of the country’s best and most luxurious retail stores. 

You don’t have to buy anything to enjoy your time at the Grand Canal Shoppes. Many people like exploring this shopping center and browsing the name-brand items for sale. It all depends on your interests and desires.


November is a month with plenty of things for guests to do. Some of the best things include shows, tours, and adventures throughout the city, where tourists can enjoy cooler temperatures outside. That is why attending Las Vegas in November is ideal for experiencing the best Las Vegas indoor and outdoor activities.