Tips to Add Text to a Video Using CapCut

When it comes to video editing, the free online video editor CapCut is one of the best tools available.

Most video editors, whether professional or amateur, use the CapCutvideo editing tool to make their videos more attractive and exciting before posting them on YouTube, TikTok or other platforms. 

The features and functionality of this video editor help them to gain more likes and even subscribers, depending on the subject of the video. 

For those unaware of or new CapCut, read this article for valuable tips and guidance to using this free video editor online and create pro-level exciting videos.

One helpful way to enhance your video’s appeal and make it more informative is to add text in the right places. This has become a common practice in recent years. It serves different purposes, such as:

• Elaboration

• Demonstration

• Caption and subtitling

• Commentary and more.

However, you must ensure that the text you add is aesthetically pleasing, clear and meaningful. 

This is relatively easy when you use CapCut. With this tool, you will benefit from a lot of extra text features. You can add animation and effects to your videos, making them more exciting and appealing.

Reasons to Use

Before you start, you must know why you should use the CapCut video editor or resizer for adding text to your video.

The first significant reason is its popularity. Compared with CapCut’s competitors, this tool is at the top of the list, which is why you, like other video editors, should not look for any other alternative for video editing.

Another significant reason to use it is its straightforward user interface. It is easy to understand and operate, even for beginners in this field. 

Even if you do not have any prior experience in video editing, you will have no difficulty making your video more attractive with CapCut. All necessary tabs are available in the navigation bar. 

Apart from that, you can access and use this tool on any device, whether it is your Mac or Windows PC, smartphone or iPhone.

Adding Animated Text

You can add animated text to the video using your PC or iPhone with the help of the CapCut video editor tool by following these simple steps.

• Launch and run the tool on your PC and then look for the New Project option in the interface and click on it. You can also add animated texts to any existing videos.

• Next, go to the gallery and select and import the particular video to the timeline to which you want to add text. However, do not select any particular clip at this stage.

• Go to the primary workplace and click on the lower Text button there. This will open the screen to add text.

• When the screen to add text opens, click on the Add text button and then type the text you want from the box on the up. Decide the font you want to use for the text. 

• You will now need to select the Animation category to animate the text. Here, you will find a number of animation effects to add to your text. Choose the one you like and click on the checkmark to add it.

If you want to customize the text even further, you can add different additional effects to the text to make it more beautiful. There are diverse sets of categories offering several styles, bubbles, and other effects to choose from.

When it is done, place the text on the video by dragging its ends with the help of the handlebar. You may set the duration. 

Finally, check the text in the Preview before applying.

Use Templates

Beginners usually use the text templates available. These readymade text templates allow adding animations to the video, changing the text styles and fonts. 

All you have to do to add them to your video is to click on a template and type the text you want to display. 

Here are all the steps to follow:

• Select New Project or open an existing one as before.

• Click on the lower Text button but do not select any clip.

• When the Text menu appears, choose a template from the available options.

• Then, type the text in the text box below. 

Finally, just like before, click on the checkmark in the lower-right corner. This will add the text to the video.

Add Moving Text

Adding motion to the text will make it more attractive than static text. You can do this by using the text tracking feature of CapCut video editing tool.

This auto-tracking feature will track a particular and appropriate object in the video and make the text move along with it.

It is quite easy to add this feature to your text. The necessary steps to follow for it are:

• Selecting the text and putting it on the timeline

• Clicking on the Text tracking button located on the lower panel

• Selecting the specific object that you want the text to move with from the upper preview window and

• Dragging and adjusting the tracking oval.

Lastly, to finish the process, click on the Start Tracking button below.

Adding Effects to Text

If you want to make the text more appealing, you can add different effects.

• Open the Text settings menu when you select the text to add.

• Click on the Effects button.

• Select a particular special effect from the different options available and

• Click on it to add it to the text.

Typically, you will find special effects which include:

• Font

• Bubbles

• Styles

• Animation and more.

Change Written Text to Speech

It will be even more effective when the speaker utters the words in the text. You can change the text to speech by using the specific features of the video editing tool.

It is pretty much the same as narrating the events in a video using AI voice. However, the text-to-speech feature of CapCut will allow you to do it in a much better way. The best part is that you do not need to speak. The tool will do everything.

To use this feature, you must:

• Go to the timeline

• Click text

• Look at the lower panel

• Click on the Text to speech button

• Select the language you prefer from the options

• Choose a particular voice type from the available options.

Finally, look at the right side for the checkmark and click on it. 

Adding Auto Captions

It will be easier for you if you add auto captions instead of separate lines, words, or phrases of the speech to the video. You may use the Auto Captions feature of CapCut video-making solution in this regard.

This particular feature will generate appropriate captions of persons talking in the video, and it will all happen automatically.

The process to follow to add Auto Captions, without selecting any specific clip beforehand, are:

• Looking at the lower panel from the main workspace

• Selecting the Text button

• Clicking on Auto captions from the menu

• Going to and clicking on the Add captions button available in the dialog that pops up 

• Choosing any of the available sound type options, namely, Voiceover, Original sound, or Both

• Choose the language in which the people in the video will speak, and finally

• Hit Continue.

Additionally, you may enable the option of Remove selected captions if you want.

After completing all these steps, you will see a message stating that the tool is generating auto captions.

Make Text Transparent

You may also want to make the text transparent so that no part of the video is blocked from the view. By using this tool, you can make adjustments to the transparency. This will add more style to it and also allow adding watermarks to your video.

You can do it in a few simple steps, such as:

• Clicking on the Text icon

• Typing in the text you want

• Clicking on the Confirm button

• Going to the style tab and 

• Dragging the Opacity slider.

Add Text Behind an Object

Usually, the text is added under or above the object. You can make it look unique and more interesting by adding the text behind an object or a person in your video.

This is also a very simple process when you use this video editing tool. Just focus on:

• Adding the text and exporting the video clip as usual

• Creating a new project

• Importing the video as the main track

• Tapping overlay and

• Importing the video without text.

Finally, use the background remover to set the text.

This will make it look like the person is moving toward the text, thereby creating a completely different appeal to the viewers.

Summing it Up

When it comes to video editing, the free online video editor CapCut is one of the best tools that you will probably have. It will help you in every aspect of the job and make things easier and faster for you via its simple user interface. 

Therefore, make the best use of the tool to add impressive and meaningful texts and create videos that will be hard to skip, ignore, or fast-forward.

This article was produced in partnership with CapCut.

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