Montreal housing crisis hotline moving day July 1

Montreal housing crisis: Call 311 if you haven’t found a home by Moving Day

Assistance to Montrealers is available, and low-income families will be prioritized.

Amid the ongoing housing crisis, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has confirmed that Montrealers with expiring leases who haven’t found a home by Moving Day, July 1, can call 311 for assistance.

Support for low-income families will be prioritized and assistance can include finding housing, temporary accommodations and storage, as well as referrals to various assistance services.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante made a statement about the city resource this morning.

“As July 1 approaches, the City of Montreal is there for those who need a helping hand. If you need resources, help to relocate or if you have not found accommodation, contact 311, the gateway to support services from the City and our partners. The moving season is a source of distress for many vulnerable households. We have enhanced investments in key housing resources and we will leave no one behind. We are here for you.”

Please visit the City of Montreal website for more information on the resources that are available regarding housing.

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