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74% of Quebecers say the Legault government has done a poor job on housing affordability

These results come on the heels of the CAQ’s proposed housing legislation Bill 31, which would put an end to lease transfers — removing tenants’ right to pass on their rental unit without rent hikes — and Quebec’s lack of action on regulating Airbnb and funding social housing projects.

According to a study by the Angus Reid Institute, 74% of Quebecers believe the provincial government led by François Legault has done a poor job improving housing affordability in Quebec. The same study also found that 64% believe that Legault and the CAQ have done a poor job on health care in the province.

Conversely, just 16% say that the Legault government has done a good job with regards to housing affordability in Quebec.

“Premier François Legault endured some attrition this quarter with respect to his own personal approval, and his government, though recently re-elected, faces criticism on each of the three most important issues to Quebecers. On each, at least 64% say the government is doing a poor job currently.”

According to Angus Reid’s Government Performance Index (GPI) — which represents the average number of residents saying their own provincial government is doing a good or very good job across 13 different key issues including inflation, the economy and health care — just 1 in 3 Quebecers (33%) approve of the Legault government.

74% of Quebecers believe that François Legault and the CAQ government have done a poor job on housing affordability in Quebec.

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