Gambler’s guide to the Montreal Casino

There are many ways to enjoy gambling in Montreal.

Residents of Montreal have enjoyed the Casino de Montreal since 1993, when it replaced the former building of Expo 67. The casino is still the largest Casino in Canada in 2023 and continues to venture into fun events and experiences other than being a big gambling hub for the city.

But what should you expect from the casino and what is the game plan going into the venue? We’ve gathered tips and reviews from regular players to first time visitors of the Montreal Casino, making a guide for what you shouldn’t miss in this venue.

4 tips when playing at Montreal Casino

Whether you’re a beginner or novice player, the Montreal Casino has something for everyone, from slot machines to blackjack and roulette. The gaming floor sits at an enormous 525,000 sq ft, with 4 levels of different types of gambling activities. How should you begin? Let’s take a closer look at the more popular games provided.

Popularity at the roulette tables

One game you won’t miss when entering the facility is roulette. Gamblers can find all sorts of roulette variants, where American roulette seems to be the most popular one. The roulette tables take up much of the floor space, so they’re generally easy to find. Customers can play high stakes as well as 1-dollar virtual interactive roulette, which can pay out well.

Affordable blackjack games

Another tip is the blackjack tables, the famous card game where players collect cards to be as close to 21 as possible. Here, customers can enjoy playing blackjack for as low as $10. The lower deposit is however through virtual tables, but if one wants to get away for cheap that’s the way to go. Live dealers of almost all table games starts at $25, which seems a bit higher than usual.

Free drinks kiosks

Another thing that the Casino de Montreal stands out for is the drink kiosks. There are several drink kiosks around the casino where customers can get free drinks. All gamblers in the casino can get an abundance of drinks, whether it’s soft drinks, juice, water, coffee, or tea, they have something for everyone. If players are into other freebies, we can recommend joining the drawings at 8pm & 10 pm, where players can win by entering for free.

Events & shows

The casino is not only famous for being the largest gaming venue, but it also hosts special events and spectacular shows for family and friends. Here you can watch Cabaret shows, live music and magic shows. There really is something for everyone and we recommend looking through their schedule for programming.

History of Montreal Casino and Gambling laws

Since the launch of the casino, it’s gone through a series of changes, both physically and regulation-wise. In 1997, the establishment became available 24h a day. Come 2013, it saw a major renovation, renewing the gambling areas. Canada as a country also saw an increase in gambling during these years, from only having brick-and-mortar casinos to venturing into the online space. Montreal is one of the more popular scenes for playing online throughout the years. We see numerous popular new online casinos becoming available to Canadians and research shows that the industry has yet to see its peak.


There are many ways to enjoy gambling in Montreal, whether at the Montreal Casino or online. With these tips you’re sure to enjoy the Casino de Montreal in the best way without missing any major parts of the big facility. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting out slow, enjoying free drinks while hitting some low stake table games, and top it off with a great show with the many events the establishment has.