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11 million Canadians eligible for grocery rebate, coming to bank accounts July 5

The federal government is spending $2.5-billion on one-time payments of between $225 and $467 per household.

As announced as part of the federal budget in March, the Liberal government’s $2.5-billion grocery rebate will be coming to approximately 11 million eligible people in Canada on July 5. The grocery rebate, which eligible Canadians will receive automatically as with GST tax credits, will be given to couples whose household income is $38,000 or less, and individuals who make $32,000 or less.

The amount of the one-time inflation relief payment is (up to) $467 for eligible couples with two or more children, (up to) $234 for eligible single Canadians and (up to) $225 for seniors.

While recipients aren’t required to spend the money on groceries, the payment is meant to offset the rising cost of food in Canada.

For more on the grocery rebate for Canadians, please visit the Government of Canada website.

11 million Canadians eligible for grocery rebate in Canada, coming to bank accounts July 5

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