Montreal streets pedestrian-only summer

10 Montreal streets are going pedestrian-only this summer

Check out the complete list of pedestrian streets and dates, from Verdun to Hochelaga.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has announced that 10 streets in the city will be pedestrian-only this summer. This follows last year’s investment of $12-million for the pedestrianization of Montreal commercial arteries over a three-year period.

10 pedestrian-only streets in Montreal summer

  1. Mont-Royal From St-Laurent to Fullum (May 20–Sept. 5)
  2. Wellington From 6th Avenue to Regina (June 5–Sept. 18)
  3. Ste-Catherine E. From St-Hubert to Papineau (May 19–Oct. 16)
  4. Ontario E. From Pie-IX to Darling (June 19–Sept. 9)
  5. Duluth E. From St-Laurent to St-Hubert (June 19–Sept. 5)
  6. St-Denis (as well as Emery Street) From Sherbrooke to de Maisonneuve (June 1–Sept. 30)
  7. Ste-Catherine W. (and part of Balmoral and Clark) From St-Laurent to Bleury (May 1–Oct. 31)
  8. Places du Marché-du-Nord (Jean-Talon Market) From Casgrain to Henri-Julien (June 1–Oct. 15)
  9. Bernard From Wiseman to Bloomfield (May 18–Oct. 9)
  10. De Castelnau E. From St-Denis to de Gaspé (May 8–Oct. 10)

“Pedestrian streets have become a signature of the Montreal summer and a symbol of the dynamism of our commercial arteries. Each year, pedestrianization attracts thousands of families and visitors, from here and elsewhere, to our commercial arteries, thus contributing to the economic vitality of the districts. I invite the people of Montreal to take ownership of these new public places that reflect the creativity, beauty and vitality of our city.”

—Valérie Plante

10 Montreal streets are going pedestrian-only this summer

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