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That 90s Show debuts, Pedro Pascal stars in HBO’s The Last of Us, tennis doc Break-Point, new season of Hunters and Servant and more.

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New on Netflix

Nick Kyrgios Break-Point new on Netflix
Break-Point (new on Netflix)

Nostalgia fans might be interested in checking out That 90s Show (Jan. 19), a spinoff of That 70s Show that updates the series for a new generation. In the summer of 1995, Red and Kitty Foreman are back as grandparents, and their granddaughter Leia (Eric and Donna’s daughter) come to stay for the summer, making friends in the neighbourhood. 

Break-Point (Jan. 13) is a new critically acclaimed sports documentary from Netflix. Tackling the world of tennis, the series takes an intimate look at several underdog tennis stars as we follow them all around the globe. The first five episodes drop today, and the next five hit the platform in June. 

The French series Women at War (Jan. 19) is set in WW1 and focuses on four women grappling with the consequences of war as the men leave for war. 

The very funny Shiva Baby (Jan. 15), starring Gen X icon Rachel Sennott, is now available to stream on Netflix.

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New on Crave

The Last of Us (new on Crave / HBO)
The Last of Us (new on Crave / HBO)

Based on the video game of the same name, the pilot for The Last of Us (Jan. 15) airs this week. The series, which stars Pedro Pascal, is about Joel and Ellie, a pair connected through the harshness of the world they live in, who are forced to endure brutal circumstances and ruthless killers on a trek across a post-outbreak America.

Movie fans who are also subscribed to Starz have a banquet of movies to check out on Jan. 13, including Fubar, Fubar 2, The Five Year Engagement, Enemy, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Incendies, A Single Man, Big Trouble in Little China, Citizen Kane and others. 

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New on Prime Video

Hunters new on Prime Video
Hunters (new on Prime Video)

The Golden Globe-nominated series Hunters (Jan. 13) returns this week for a second season. The show, which features Al Pacino, Josh Radnor and Carol Kane, is about Nazi hunters discovering hundreds of high-ranking Nazi officials in 1977 New York City, conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S. The hunters set out to bring the Nazis to justice and thwart their new genocidal plans.

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New on Disney Plus

Territory new on Disney Plus
Territory (new on Disney Plus)

The Territory (Jan. 13) is a documentary about a network of farmers that seizes a protected area of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, a young Indigenous leader and his mentor who must fight back in defence of the land and an uncontacted group living deep within the forest.

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New on Apple TV+ 

Servant season 4 new on Netflix
Servant (new on Apple TV+)

Season 4 of M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant (Jan. 13) begins to air on Apple TV+ this week. A Philadelphia couple is in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.

New on CBC Gem

The U.S. and The Holocaust new on Netflix
The U.S. and The Holocaust (new on CBC Gem)

Ken Burns’ epic documentary series The U.S. and the Holocaust (Jan. 13) is now available to stream on CBC Gem. The critically acclaimed documentary is a three-part, six-hour series produced for PBS that examines America’s response to one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the 20th century. 

For season 8 of Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Flight Club (Jan. 13), Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty are back on Southend Pier in their seaside café, welcoming more celebrities to the cooking lesson of a lifetime. The series features some favourite celebs, and a lot of fantastic recipes. 

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A weekly round-up of the new movies and TV series streaming on Netflix, Crave, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, CBC Gem, Shudder, Tubi and Criterion Channel