Best beauty & makeup products to dropship in 2023

In order to succeed as a dropshipper, you’ll need to research the best cosmetics brands, find the best dropshipping suppliers, and choose the best products to put in your store.

Apart from starting an online beauty product marketplace like BeautySourcing, dropshipping is a great way to sell a beauty makeup tool online without having to worry about inventory management. It also allows you to scale your store quickly. But before you start, ensure you’ve got the right product lines and brands to support your store.

In order to succeed as a dropshipper, you’ll need to research the best cosmetics brands, find the best dropshipping suppliers, and choose the best products to put in your store. This is where we’ll begin with our journey to building a profitable eCommerce store.

Follow me over the course of this article and I’ll teach you how to build a successful drop shipper. We’ll dive deep into the world of cosmetics dropshipping and learn how to source the perfect items for your store. We’ll talk about sourcing, brands, and even finding new suppliers.

I’m going to share my secrets to success and help you become a dropshipper who makes big bucks and never has to work another day in her life.

1. Beauty Blender

This is a great tool to blend foundation or concealer. You get a lot of bang for your buck since you can use this blender for anything whether its blending out makeup mistakes, blending out blush, eye shadow, lipstick, etc. Another reason I love using my beauty blender is that its small enough to fit in my purse or travel bag. This is perfect if you’re going on vacation or traveling.

2. Skinny Shaper Brush

I always have this brush in my kit for contouring or highlighting. It makes applying contour/highlight super simple. I recommend getting a few different sizes depending on how much product you want to apply. It’s perfect for beginners who need help learning proper application techniques. Given its high demand, it’s the perfect product if you want to get into makeup dropshipping.

3. Pore Minimizing Sponge

I use these sponges a lot before I go to bed. I don’t know what people do before they go to sleep but I just feel like I look really good after I wake up. These sponges smooth the appearance of pores and leave my skin feeling soft.

4. Makeup Remover Wipes

If you’re looking for something to clean your face off with then these wipes are the way to go. You can find them at any drugstore and they’re cheap! Plus they take away all traces of makeup and make sure your skin feels fresh.

5. Eye Shadow Primer

Eye shadows tend to crease and fade faster than other parts of your makeup. To prevent this, try using an eye shadow primer before placing eyeshadow over your lids. I prefer using a liquid eye shadow primer because it’s super easy to work with and goes on smoothly.

6. Lipstick Pencil

Another thing that helps me keep my lips looking nice throughout the day is a lip pencil. You can find them in almost any department store or drugstore. They last longer than traditional lipsticks and don’t smudge once applied.

7. Powder Compact Mirror

There are times where I forget to put on my compact mirror while doing my makeup routine. To avoid having to search around for it, I carry a powder compact mirror in my makeup bag. It comes handy especially when I’m putting together quick looks and am running late. You can find them wherever makeup brushes are sold.

8. Eyelash Curler

I curl my eyelashes every single morning before I apply mascara. Not only does curling your lashes give them length and fullness but it also keeps lashes from breaking. If I skip this step my lashes end up flaking by lunchtime.

9. Mascara

Mascara is my favorite part of makeup application. I never leave home without it. There are so many types of mascaras out there it can be overwhelming. But, here are three which I genuinely enjoy using.

10. Concealer

Concealers and BB Creams have become some of the most popular products among millennial women. Why? Because makeup doesn’t mean we have to hide our flaws—it actually shows our natural beauty. The right concealer will even things out as well as cover imperfections while brightening dull-looking skin.

Start dropshipping your beauty products today!

And there you have it! Here is my personal list of the best beauty products to dropship in 2023! 

Starting an online business can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. I hope my guide can help you make quicker choices on the types of beauty products you can select to dropship.