REINFORCEMENT offers free legal, mental health and financial support for Quebec artists

The federal government program aims to assist self-employed creative Quebecers.

With the lingering effects of the pandemic, the housing crisis and the rising cost of living due to inflation, self-employed artists in Quebec have an exceptional amount of stress to deal with. A new program funded by the Government of Canada hopes to alleviate some of it with the REINFORCEMENT program, which offers three types of aid to creative Quebecers by compensating them for services available through the program’s app.

The REINFORCEMENT program’s Financial Support Fund, Legal Assistance Fund and Psychological Support Fund, distributed by the Artists’ Foundation, are available to those who:

  • Have their fiscal residence in Quebec;
  • Are over 18 years of age;
  • Are professional artists or cultural workers (professional work activities in the last three years must be demonstrated) in the field of the performing arts;
  • Have self-employed status;
  • Are directly involved in the creation, preparation, production, distribution, presentation, curation, support, or educational and promotional activities of an artistic work in the field of the performing arts.

The Financial Support Fund offers $2,500 to those who meet the criteria listed above, and who are “going through an unstable financial period due to lack of work or loss of work as a professional artist or cultural worker because of the pandemic.”

The Legal Assistance Fund can connect artists with lawyers who can answer their questions regarding civil, business and family law — virtually, free of charge and confidentially. Though court representation is not included with the program, users will have access to a four-hour block of counselling per case, including research, document analysis and support with legal forms and advice.

The Psychological Support Fund offers you two options:

Receive free, confidential, virtual consultation sessions with mental health specialists (psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists) through an Artists’ Foundation service partner. The number of sessions is determined by a therapist-clinician based on the needs of the applicant.


Obtain up to $1,000 in reimbursements for the applicant’s consultation with their own licensed therapist with presentation of receipts.

To apply for any of the REINFORCEMENT program, please click here. For those with eligibility or application concerns, please contact a member of the REINFORCEMENT team at 514-ARTISTE (278-4783) ext. 3, or by email at

This article was produced in partnership with the Fondation des Artistes.

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