How to Make Boudoir Fashion Look Legit for the Board Room

There’s a fine line to tread when embracing the boudoir look.

The lines between what we wear in the bedroom and what we wear in public are becoming blurred, with the rise of lingerie as an all-day fashion option taking catwalks and the wider world of street style by storm.

Of course there’s a fine line to tread when embracing the boudoir look, so here’s some advice on what you can do to jump on the bandwagon without breaking the boundaries of decency in the office.

Celebrities influencing fashion throughout the years

First off, it’s worth mentioning that the idea of bringing lingerie into the spotlight as part of an outfit that’s designed for everyday wear and not seduction is not brand new.

Sure, modern icons like actress and singer, Zendaya have set red carpets alight with a combination of sheer catsuits and oversized blazers to cover their modesty. But there are historic examples of celebs taking a similar route, and changing the world as a result.

In the late 1960s, Barbara Streisand’s sheer Oscar’s dress hit the headlines, and in the 1970s it was Cher’s time to shine with a teeny-tiny bra top. The 1980s saw Madonna take this to the next level, while the 1990s was the decade when boudoir fashion really made it big, with everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to TLC and Jennifer Lopez blazing a trail for wider adoption.

Getting in on the vibe yourself

There are quite a few tricks to make boudoir fashion work for you, giving you that frisson of pushing the envelope while still staying on the right side of social norms, including:

Wearing a bodysuit under pants & a blazer

On their own, bodysuits are provocative, but they’re also professional-looking and comfortable so long as you select a good pant-and-blazer combo to go along with them.

They can even be adapted for more casual occasions, and will go under jeans and a cardigan to give you that blend of sensuality and coziness that’s hard to replicate.

Integrating a camisole with contrasting textures

A camisole is another tried and tested bedroom item that works in conjunction with other clothing types for boardroom meetings and nights out.

The main thing to remember here is that because camisoles tend to have a silky finish, you need the other elements of your get-up to juxtapose this. So rather than everything being smooth and slick, mix things up with rougher, more natural fabrics and chunky, tactile accessories.

Make sure stockings can be seen

Stockings are a fairly safe piece of bedroom fashion to add to outfits you wear out and about, but the trick is to make sure that they’re used in a way that lets others see them sporadically. A shorter skirt, a higher heel, or even a dress or skirt with a slip leg, can make this possible.

Keeping the lingerie as an empowering secret

The last point to make about the role that lingerie can play in a professional setting is that you don’t have to show it to the world to get the benefits that come with feeling sexy and in control.

The simple act of putting on your best bra and most provocative pair of panties, before hiding them beneath your standard office outfit, will make you feel like you’re a total boss, even if you’re still climbing the slippery corporate ladder.

The bottom line

There’s no doubting the star power you’ll feel coursing through you if you bring boudoir fashion to the boardroom. That said, it’s better to go low key with your initial experiments so that you can get comfortable with time.