12 Unique and Unusual Things To Do in Montreal

Even during the midst of winter, Montreal has plenty of exciting things to do.

Montreal is a thriving multicultural melting pot that draws travelers from all over the globe with its world-renowned festivals, cuisine, and nightlife. Even during the midst of winter, Montreal has plenty of exciting things to do. 

You will witness the blend of technology with the culture of the past, where some people are already engaging in the latest tech, such as trading crypto, keeping up with the real-time value of Bitcoin and altcoins like Evmos price, and other Web 3. On the other hand, visiting Old Montreal will take you back in time! 

You’ll witness Montrealers outdoors, dancing away the chill at electronic music events or meeting at the sugar shack to enjoy handmade maple syrup sweets. 

This article will list 12 unusual and fun things to do in Montreal. Let’s gear up for the adventure! 

12 Fun & Unusual Things To Do In Montreal

1. Travel through time in Old Montreal.

The beautiful cobblestone lanes of Antique Montreal are nestled amongst a plethora of old churches, trendy pubs and restaurants, museums, and souvenir shops. It’s also situated near the well-known old port.

It is challenging to experience everything in a single visit. Fortunately, numerous walking tours are accessible that will take you past prominent landmarks such as the Notre Dame Basilica. Free walking tours are a terrific alternative for those touring on a budget.

2. A Haunted Griffintown journey will teach you about Montreal’s darker side.

Griffintown is presently a popular Montreal neighborhood full of clubs and restaurants. However, its history is marred by sorrow, calamity, and intriguing ghost stories.

Find out the mysteries behind outlandish conspiracy theories, the urban legend of a famous decapitated call girl, and the tragedy of Black ’47, all from a passionate expert guide.

If you enjoy history and a touch of the gothic, the evil side of Montreal welcomes you.

3. Paddle around Beaver Lake in Mount Royal Park.

Mount Royal Park, named after the peak from which Montreal derives its name, is so large that it contains a lake. In addition to being an ideal spot for a picnic, Beaver Lake also provides paddle boating in the warmer months and ice skating in the winter.

Aside from the lake, the Park has hiking paths, historical sites, and stunning viewpoints.

4. Light a candle in Mount Royal’s Saint Joseph’s Oratory.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, the biggest domed cathedral in North America, is a vast shrine devoted to the remembrance of Saint Joseph that was established over a century ago.

A majestic spectacle of lit candles placed in front of an effigy of St Joseph can be found within its Votive Chapel. Guests are invited to light a candle in support and pray for anyone they care about. The oratory’s roof is also an excellent vantage point for viewing the city.

5. Scavenger hunts are an enjoyable way to discover the city’s mysteries.

The narrow alleyways and restored buildings of Old Montreal provide the ideal setting for an exciting scavenger hunt.

Work your way around significant landmarks such as Pointe-à-Callière Museum, Ramsay Castle, and City Hall to solve riddles and collect clues.

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to experience Old Montreal, whether you’re touring with friends or family.

6. A boat trip on the St. Lawrence River.

The city of Montreal is located on an island in the St. Lawrence River, making a boat tour of the town from the Old Port a must-do activity. Discover the history of the first fur trading station, which helped Montreal evolve into one of North America’s most dynamic cities.

Experience the Olympic Stadium, Habitat 67, Jacques Cartier Bridge, and the rest of Montreal’s remarkable grandeur in one of the most remarkable ways possible.

7. Take a bike tour of Montreal’s bike paths.

Because Montreal has bike routes all around the city, a bike tour is a very efficient way to get from one significant destination to the next.

Travel through Mile End, Old Montreal, the Plateau, and the city’s other hippest areas, stopping at Parc Jean Drapeau to admire the Biosphere.

For the adults, wine excursions will take you through a few of the city’s most upscale wineries and bars.

8. A dinner cruise illuminates the Old Port.

On each summer evening in Montreal’s Old Port, you can see and hear people enjoying the moment of their lives on an exquisite dinner cruise if you gaze out over the lake.

The Saint Lawrence River is illuminated at night, just like the rest of Montreal. There’s a reason Montreal is called “the most European city in North America” — the evening cruises are where you’ll find the best cuisine, entertainment, and company in the city.

9. On a helicopter tour, you can see the Olympic Stadium above.

A helicopter trip is another excellent way to see Montreal.

During a brief trip with a guide, you will fly around the island and witness prominent landmarks such as the Parc Jean-Drapeau, Olympic Stadium, and Mont-Royal. Remember to bring your camera!

10. Visit the stunning lakes of La Maurice National Park.

La Maurice National Park, located midway between Montreal and Quebec City, is a vast nature reserve including over 150 lakes. The Park provides tree-top aerial excursions, camping, riding, canyoning, and other activities.

Furthermore, it is home to various uniquely Canadian wildlife, such as black bears and caribou.

11. Sled with the Huskies.

Winters in Canada might be harsh, but Montrealers don’t let the cold keep them indoors. Many of Montreal’s small villages, such as Tadoussac and St Hyppolite, offer dog sledding facilities accessible to the general public all winter.

You’ll be capable of leading your husky team through the snow. These ecotourism facilities include other winter activities, such as ice fishing and snowshoeing.

12. To experience pure maple syrup, visit Cabane a Sucre.

The maple leaf on Canada’s flag isn’t coincidental. There are a handful of sugar shacks around Montreal. Visitors can stop by and witness how the country’s most delightful treat is prepared.

The hands-on nature opportunities offered by these shacks are the exception. You’ll observe how the trees are tapped through to how the delicious maple-soaked bacon on your plate is absorbed. You might even see some regional fiddle players perform if you’re lucky. 

So there you have it, 12 unique and unusual things to do in Montreal that will help you get the most out of your visit!