Will Quebec be Next to Embrace Online Casino Gambling?

All eyes will be on Quebec to see how they react to Ontario’s recent move.

Online wagering has enjoyed steady growth over the past decade and Quebec is no exception. This global trend has driven online gambling to become one of the most profitable industries in the world. At the current growth rate, the sector’s global revenue could break the $150 billion mark before 2030.

Ontario leading the way

For years, this online boom bypassed Canada, as there was zero domestic online gaming.  Some casino operators from outside the country welcomed Canadian players, filtering any potential profits beyond the nation’s borders. The first steps to addressing this issue were taken in 2022 when Ontario opened the doors to domestic online wagering and casino gaming for the first time.

This decision is expected to bring a significant economic boost to the region, creating jobs and revenue. the move is also expected to encourage other provinces to follow suit. This could mean that online gaming could go live in Quebec soon.

The online gambling industry is quick to react when new territories open. Major players are already primed and ready to act as shown by new online casino ventures in the USA. These companies know the industry inside out and are adept at attracting new customers with promotions and offers. A great example is the one daily free spin on Paddy Power, which gives players an incentive to return each day for the chance to win cash prizes or free goes on slots or casino games. And many offshore companies already allow Canadian players to sign up and play.

So, domestic companies would face plenty of competition in the marketplace. But with global revenue currently standing at $60 billion, there is plenty to go around.

Quebec gaming traditions

Quebec has a strong gaming heritage stretching back to the 1980s with over 11,000 workers operating in the video game industry alone. This thriving sector generates nearly $2 billion in revenue in Quebec each year. Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Eidos, and Behaviour Interactive are just some of the major names with studios based in Quebec.

The new Bill 96 language law could provide new challenges for the sector, but the province is known globally as a leader in video gaming, so it’s no stretch to imagine online gambling flourishing here too.

A slice of the pie

The main driving force behind the growth of the sector is improved technology, which makes it easier than ever to access and play online casinos. This has made mobile gaming the method of choice for many, meaning players can play from wherever they are. New technology and global connectivity also make it harder to impose country restrictions. This has prompted many other countries to embrace and regulate online gambling rather than try to restrict it.

The demand for online slots and casino games is set to continue and it seems inevitable that provinces will want to take advantage of the fiscal stimulus that can be gained by embracing online gambling. So, all eyes will be on Quebec to see how they react to Ontario’s recent move.