It’s Halloween week in Montreal and these are the spooky-ooky shows you need to see

Eight ghoulish gigs to get to, from Corpusse to Crabe to the return of Tonstartssbandht.

Obviously, everyone who gave this humble little column a click this week is bursting at the seams for the greatest holiday on the calendar: Halloween! There are plenty of spooky-ooky treats for you Halloweiners this week, but oddly enough this has to be one of the quieter ones, or at least since I’ve been tapping out these hipster missives to ya. Not to fret, though, as the name of the game is quality and not quantity. This year is especially spine-tingling and horrific as my fave gig of the week — not to mention THE perfect Halloween gig — is actually not at the regular haunts and veers off the beaten path and lays down stakes at a dance joint. Read on, my blood-sucking fiends, and find out where the sharpest razors are hidden in local apples. 

Oops, I should first mention right of the top that the upcoming OFF! show that was scheduled for Nov. 12 has been postponed, so keep grippin’ those tix and keep yer peeps here for the makeup date announcement. I should also mention that their new record Free LSD is fucking crazy good. Give it a stream if you think I’m blowing smoke. 

Friday: It’s been a while since I’ve hipped you L7’s to what the fine people of Analogue Addiction have cooked up, but they will return tonight, hitting hard with a rad show at l’Esco (natch) featuring Ellemetue, Pressure Pin (featuring peeps from the Pretzels) and a man who possesses a name tailor-made for show biz, Johnny Couteau. 4461 St-Denis, 8 p.m., $12/$15

Saturday: Gussy up for a killer evening at one of the best rooms in the city — Casa del Popolo — where Talleen will obliterate frontal lobes with the City Gates, Funeral Flowers (woah, guessing these peeps are not stoked on wearing crocs) and Martin Saint. 4873 St-Laurent, 8 p.m., $15/$10 with a costume!

A guaranteed killer night is on at North Star, where you’re invited to tilt the Dolly Parton game while the best DJ and crime fighting duo in the city, the Punk Police, will be yanking out killer rock ’n’ roll and punk rock vinyl. If you want to just gob at awesome costumes all night, this would be the place to be — and they have big Labatts 50’s chilling in the fridge. Questions? 3908 St-Laurent, 10 p.m., free

Sunday: Your Halloween weekend keeps on kicking at Casa with the customary night of five cover bands, who’ll take aim at the Beatles (brand spanking new mix of Revolver hits the shelves on Friday, too, btw), Blondie (that drummer better have his skill set together for that one) and of course Beelzebub’s fave All Hallow’s Eve band the Misfits. This is guaranteed to be great and hell, it’s a Sunday— so stop yer moanin’. 8:30 p.m., $10

Monday: I feel like we’ve returned  to ye ol days of the Electric Tractor and Stilleposte but I am pleased to be once again be tapping in the word Tonstartssbandht into my keyboard and letting you know these stalwarts will continue their death defying stunts at le Ritz with Patrick Holland and other guests. I predict a lot beards at this gig. 179 Jean-Talon W., 8 p.m., $22.53

Alrighty ma creeps, easily the big pick of the week is the ghouliest ghoul of ’em all, Montreal ex-pat Corpusse, who will give a 110% and won’t stop until at least one person is bleeding (don’t worry: 95% of the time, it’s him). If you’ve never seen this complete beast, who’s that part Gene Simmons and part GG Allin, you need to get down to (cough) Rockette (cough) and get the bejeezus scared out of you. Seriously, there is no escape from him on that tiny dancefloor, so this may turn out to be a high water mark for Corpusse (of which there are many). Getting this dark AF is Whore With Knife and DJs Mickey Dagger and Boris Leonardo playing Italian disco, punk rock and everything else in between. Fer reelz, this is the gig that will rule ’em all. 4479 St-Denis, 8 p.m., $10 before 11/free after 11!!!!!

Wednesday: If you like all of the colours of darkness and want to get your goth and dark wave on, you can check out Newspeak when duo Minuit Machine will spill some blood on the dancefloor. Openers are Belly Hatcher and local dark wave heartthrobs Brusque Twins. Bonus: You can do that swishy goth dance thing. (Yeah you know the one. Do It! 1403 Ste-Elisabeth, 9 p.m., $23.70

Thursday: Total wizards of fuckery Crabe will take over Casa for a killer three-night stint and will be blowing out 15 candles on their birthday cake. Starting tonight, they will blow yer mind to tiny bits with the help of New Yawk openers Yhwh Nailgun and locals No Crust, with Kaya Hoax and Hubert Lenoir opening Friday and N Nao and Phil Console on Saturday. They’re easily one of the best live bands in the city, and if you’ve seen them before, you know to expect the unexpected. Seeing them all three nights in a row would actually not be that crazy.) 4873 St-Laurent, 8:30 p.m., $17.85 nightly

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