Pierre Poilievre François Legault Maxime Bernier Halloween mask costume

DIY Halloween costumes, Canadian politics edition

Tips for how to dress up like the top clowns of Canada’s political class of 2022.

While we keep hoping that our political shit show is going to clear up, there is no better time than Halloween to dress up like 2022’s greatest heroes/biggest dicks! Sure, you could go to a real Halloween store and buy a real costume made from low quality fabrics and only meant for single use, with Halloween being on a Monday this year, there will be opportunities to wear costumes at parties, at school and at work, so be prepared.

Pierre Poilievre DIY Halloween costume Canadian politics
Pierre Poilievre (DIY Halloween costumes, Canadian politics edition)

If you’re left-leaning and looking for a costume ripped from this year’s headlines, you’ve probably got Canada’s meanest whiney baby in mind — none other than Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre!

Ideally, if you don’t want to throw perfectly good money away (because you need it for groceries in this economy), the best thing to do is to do it yourself. A quick Google image search can help you pick your own Poilievre mask. Once a smug enough photo is found, simply download it, take it to your local print shop and get it laminated. Pop out the eyes, glue it to a tongue depressor and voila, you can be Pierre whenever you feel like it! As an alternative to donning an expensive blue suit, to make your costume more meaningful, why not go with a red jumpsuit, red face paint and devil horns, and then alternate with your mask. (This apparel could also be paired with a François Legault mask, because let’s not forget Quebec.) 

Maxime Bernier DIY Halloween costume Canadian politics
Maxime Bernier (DIY Halloween costumes, Canadian politics edition)

Feel like lampooning a bigger freak? We got you covered! There are plenty of high resolution  photos of Maxime Bernier out there. Mad Max is an excellent way to start an argument with a drunken stranger, especially if you want to pair it with an adult diaper and purple cape combo!

Of course, if you want to go basic, stay warm and haven’t bathed in a week, you may just want to go as a Convoy Trucker. Wear whatever you want, just make sure it’s warm, carry an American flag for no discernible reason, write Freedom on your shirt with a sharpie and maybe even make your own little cardboard truck. 

There is so much you can do to make your own political costume with just a little bit of creativity, a few dollars for printing and laminating. And don’t forget to get caught on TikTok urinating in public with that mask on.

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