“More than ever, Montreal is recognized as a basketball city”

A declaration underlining the importance of basketball was adopted unanimously by the municipal council.

On Monday, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante announced the adoption of a municipal council declaration that underlines the importance of basketball in the city.

The mayor made the announcement while highlighting the work of RDS NBA reporter Peter Yannopoulos, as a basketball ambassador for Montreal.

The city’s new CEBL team, the Montreal Alliance, were also the team with the highest attendance in the league last season, a respectable feat considering it was the team’s inaugural season.

“More than ever, Montreal is seen as a basketball city, and that’s great news. Let’s be proud of it!”

—Valérie Plante
“More than ever, Montreal is recognized as a basketball city”

Abdelhaq Sari, the city councillor for Montreal North, shared a message and video saluting the unanimous passing of the declaration about basketball.

“Basketball helps young people find their passion, create a community and stay connected. At some point, this sport may have helped save lives. I am very proud to see basketball shine in Montreal, and particularly in Montreal North.”

—Abdelhaq Sari

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