How to Install Twitch Stream Addons and Extensions

Twitch extensions can add an incredible amount of value to a stream, without needing to invest hundreds of hours into designing custom programs.

Extensions expand the possibilities of Twitch, acting as custom software programs which add new functionality to the platform. From assistance for streamers and on-screen effects to giveaways, games and much more, they streamline the process of hosting a stream, providing viewers with more than the basic package.

Even better, getting your hands on these twitch extensions is incredibly easy—meaning upgrading the functionality of your stream is only a few clicks (and instructions) away.

How to Find Twitch Extensions

Extensions can be found right within Twitch’s creator dashboard. On the dashboard menu, simply look for the “extensions” tab and click it.

This will bring up a whole bunch of extensions broken down into different categories. But if you know what to look for, you can also search directly for extensions in a dedicated search box.

How to Install Twitch Extensions

When you locate the extension you want within the browser,you’ll see a bright purple button reading “install”. Simply click it and the extension will, well, install itself and get up and running!

While many are incredibly intuitive, before jumping straight into manipulating the extension, we strongly recommend reading any further information provided by the extension itself. This will help you get the most out of each extension you install.

Key Types of Twitch Extensions

The streaming platform is used for many purposes, from streaming gameplay to giving talks and interacting with fans. As such, there are a variety of types of extensions that can be found in twitch. They can be broken down into these categories:

  • Game-specific extensions.
  • Audio-visual streaming tools.
  • Scheduling and countdown extensions.
  • Fan loyalty and recognition extensions.
  • Viewer engagement extensions.
  • Extensions for music.
  • Extensions for holding polls in chat.
  • Games — allowing for chat-based games.

Things You Should Know About Extensions

Mobile ReadyIf you’re expecting to be streaming to both computers and mobile devices (as most streamers should be) it’s worth looking for extensions marked as “mobile-ready” as these will work across platforms.

Extension Limits: You can only have up to six total active extensions installed at any one given time. This is broken up into 3 panel extensions, 1 overlay extension and 2 component extensions.

Uninstalling is Easy: Just as you installed your extensions with a click of a button, you can uninstall them just as easily. Simply navigate to the extensions tab as before and click on the “my extensions” window. Here you can remove or deactivate extensions.

The Best Extensions for Twitch Streamers

While the best extensions for you will depend on what you are doing on your twitch stream or, more specifically, what game you are playing, there are a variety of extensions which are useful across the board. Some of our top picks are:

Streamlabs: Providing a whole tool kit of alerts, widgets, overlays, monetisation options and more, Streamlabs is a great one-stop-shop for most streamers looking to up the aesthetics and functionality of their stream.

Prime Subscription and Loot Reminder: This unassuming extension does a simple job: it reminds viewers when they have redeemable subs or other Prime Gaming benefits. Something which will certainly bring them back for more, especially for games with regular Prime Gaming loot like League of Legends or RuneScape. While this may not seem like much, it can end up bringing a lot of value to your viewers who have recently bought a LoL account with rare skins or are on the lookout for more RuneScape loot.

Amazon Blacksmith: Acting as an affiliate store panel, this allows you to show your favourite gear or items on screen where viewers can directly go to purchase them. Working as an affiliate program, this can also bring in some extra income.

Stream Closed Captioner: Adding accessibility to your channel, this extension places a small customisable text bar at the bottom of the screen where closed captions can be added. This can add a lot of value, welcoming different audiences into your community.

Twitch Picks: A great polling and voting system, twitch picks allows you to set up polls for viewers to vote on. Adding a level of viewer interaction which can easily be missed.

Twitch extensions can add an incredible amount of value to a stream, without needing to invest hundreds of hours into designing custom programs. This makes them a no-brainer for any Twitch streamer.