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The Ramen Ramen festival is coming to Montreal in October

“A celebration of the iconic dish from Japan.”

Yatai MTL, the local organization that recently hosted Japan Week in the city, is co-presenting the Ramen Ramen festival in Montreal in October.

Ramen Ramen, which was originally scheduled to hold its first edition in May 2020 and was cancelled due to the pandemic, will take place at participating Montreal restaurants (TBD) from Oct. 13–16. The ramen festival will allow Montrealers to enjoy, contrast and compare the way the famous Japanese dish is made by local restaurants. (Anyone who thinks this has anything to do with the famously dirt-cheap store-bought varieties of “ramen” are mistaken!)

“Ramen, the most popular hobby in Japan, has overtaken sushi among international foodies in terms of popularity and coolness. In recent years, the quality of its offerings has grown dramatically in many cities around the world, supported by a growing group of fanatics. Ramen Ramen is meant to be a celebration of this new reign and a desire to encourage the development of ramen offerings outside of Japan.”

—Ramen Ramen co-director Thien Vu Dang

Restaurants wishing to participate in the festival — which is also hoping to hold editions in Quebec City and Toronto this year — can fill out and submit this form.

This article was originally published on June 27 and updated on Aug. 12, 2022.

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