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To-Do List: June 20

Sex-worker mag ConStellation launches with a Wiggle Room burlesque show, a gin & vodka tasting, a comedy open mic, Vague Lundi DJ night and more.

Your daily Montreal To-Do List, with events listed in chronological order.

1. Sex-worker mag ConStellation launch/burlesque show at the Wiggle Room

The Out edition of ConStellation launches at the Wiggle Room with Sugar Vixena and more.

2. A gin and vodka tasting by Rezin at Bootlegger

Rezin hosts a tasting at Bootlegger

3. The Suoni per il Popolo edition of No Hay Banda at la Sala Rossa

No Hay Banda perform Rodolfo Acosta’s DanceMachine

4. Mickey Dagger & Boris Leonardo DJ at Rockette’s Vague Lundi

Mickey Dagger and Boris Leonard return to Rockette

5. The World’s Smallest Open Mic Comedy Night at Hurley’s

A late show tonight at Hurley’s Irish Pub

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