Montreal’s Lu Dort and Chris Boucher sign massive new NBA contracts

Two Montreal-born NBA talents are receiving big paydays.

Hard work is paying off for Montreal-born NBA players Lu Dort and Chris Boucher. Today marks the start of free agency and both have re-signed to their respective teams for significant salary increases.

NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that Lou Dort signs to a five-year, $87.5-million deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Chris Boucher will reportedly return to the Toronto Raptors with a three-year, $35.25-million deal.

Big pay upgrades for Lu Dort and Chris Boucher, two Montreal-born NBA talents.

The news comes after yesterday’s report that the Thunder would be turning down Dort’s $1.9-million team option. This led many to correctly speculate that the two parties would be renegotiating the shooting guard’s future salary.

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