Should Disney Make A Stand-Alone Movie About A Dark Side Force User?

Fans are eager to see more of the dark side on the big screen.

The Starwars franchise has been around for decades and has seen many different iterations. Since purchasing the franchise in 2012, Disney has been churning out movies, shows, and games set in a galaxy far, far away. The most recent trilogy of films has been met with mixed reviews, but the one thing that most fans can agree on is that they would like to see more of a focus on the dark side of force users.

Some believe that a stand-alone movie about a Sith or other dark side force user would be a great way to show the corrupting influence of the dark side. Others believe that it would just be a rehash of what has been done before.

The Rise of Anti-hero Movies

With the growing popularity of antihero movies such as Suicide Squad and Deadpool, there is an appetite for movies that focus on the darker side of things. Disney has been known to take risks with their properties, so a dark side force user movie could be a possibility in the future. With the recent success of Joker, it’s fair to say that audiences are more open to seeing movies with a darker tone.

In antihero movies, the creators often have to walk a fine line between making the characters likable while showing their darker side. This is something that Disney would have to be careful of if they decided to make a movie about a dark side force user. 

When creating an antihero character for a film, the audience needs to be able to understand and sympathize with the character, even if they don’t necessarily agree with their actions.

Disadvantages of Having an Antagonist as a Protagonist

While it may seem entertaining to the masses, having a typical antagonist as the protagonist comes with disadvantages that creators have to overcome carefully. 

Some of the main cons include:

  • It can be challenging to make an antagonist likable.
  • The protagonist’s goals may not be relatable or understandable to the audience.
  • The story may come across as one-sided if not handled carefully.

Despite the potential disadvantages, a movie about a dark side force user could be a great way to show the dangers of the dark side. It would also be a way to show how someone can be seduced by the dark side and fall into its trap.

What Do Fans Want to See?

In recent years, many Starwars fans seem to have developed a preference for the dark side. You can see the search results from different parts of the world in this light vs. dark side infographic from compare the market home and contents insurance which indicates that the dark side has more searches. Therefore, many would assume that Starwars universe fans would love the dark side force user, a one-off movie.

When it comes to a potential dark side force user movie, fans have a few ideas of what they would like to see. Some believe that it would be interesting to see a movie that focuses on the early days of the Sith. This could show how the Sith were created and how they rose to power. It could also show the battle between the Jedi and the Sith.

Others believe that it would be more interesting to see a movie about a current Sith Lord. This could show the Sith in their prime and what they are doing today.

Finally, some believe that it would be best to entirely focus on a new character. This would allow for a news story that is not bogged down by the baggage of the previous movies.

No matter what Disney decides to do, it is clear that fans would like to see more of the dark side force users. Whether it is a movie about the early days of the Sith or a film about a current Sith Lord, fans are eager to see more of the dark side on the big screen.