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Pierre Poilievre supporters: more likely to support Bill 21, less likely to embrace LGBTQ2 community

Courting minority groups is not a priority for supporters of the frontrunner for CPC leadership.

According to a poll by the Angus Reid Institute, Pierre Poilievre is currently the frontrunner to become the next Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader. The poll also found that a majority of Pierre Poilievre supporters aren’t keen on embracing the LGBTQ2 movement, including 1 in 4 who would switch allegiances if Poilievre were to do so.

Just 45% of Pierre Poilievre supporters would accept him as party leader un-reluctantly if he were to embrace the LGBTQ2 movement.

“The CPC has made efforts in recent years to reach out to the LGBTQ2+ community, with former leader Erin O’Toole releasing a video in celebration of Pride last June. But tension continues in the CPC universe. Poilievre’s supporters are less willing to commit to embracing this community, as 45% say they would do so willingly.”

—Angus Reid Institute

3 in 5 supporters of Jean Charest (59%), Poilievre’s closest rival in the CPC leadership race, would support him wholeheartedly as leader if he were to embrace the LGBTQ2 movement.

Poilievre supporters (38%) were also more likely than supporters of Charest (33%) to approve of Bill 21, Quebec’s law restricting public employees in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols while on the job.

A previous poll by Léger found that, on average, 33% of Canadians were supportive of Bill 21.

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