The Sadies Dallas Good

Photo by Susan Moss

RIP Dallas Good, truly one of the great ones

A salute to a great Canadian musician who passed away in February.

It’s with a heavy heart that I start off this column by talking about Sadies guitarist Dallas Good, who passed on to the next world on Feb. 17 at the much too young age of 48.

I first met Dallas when he was 12 at his parents’ house in Newmarket, back in the ’80s. I was a bandmate with his brother and future Sadie Travis at the time and Travis was able to put me up during my couch-surfing summer.

Seeing how Travis and I had hit the ripe old age of 20, we would always give the young Dallas a good ribbing about his first baby steps into punk. (Exploited? Really?)

Dallas became far cooler than an Exploited fan in the years that followed, but always remained all eyes, tending to let other people in the room shine.

All of my heart goes out to his wife, family and bandmates. He was truly one of the great ones!

If you never got a chance to see one of Canada’s greatest live bands, get on YouTube right now. 

The Sadies, 2013
The Sadies, 2011

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