François Legault unvaccinated Quebec fined

Quebec is reportedly abandoning the anti-vax tax

Legault is expected to announce the cancellation of the new health contribution today.

La Presse is reporting that the Quebec government is abandoning their plan to fine (or impose an “anti-vax tax” on) unvaccinated Quebecers, which was announced on Jan. 11. The measure had widespread support among Quebecers but also garnered widespread criticism, from opposition and federal politicians and advocates for marginalized groups.

Quebec Premier François Legault is expected to make the announcement about the cancellation of what the government called a “health contribution” — which would have ranged from $100 to $800 according to La Presse — in a press conference this afternoon at 1 p.m.

Radio-Canada is reporting that the reopening of gyms across the province will also be announced in today’s press conference.

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