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Justin Trudeau pleads for solidarity: “Let’s remember we’re fighting a virus, not each other”

After “two painful years,” Trudeau stated that now is the time for healing.

After announcing that the government of Canada is revoking the Emergencies Act, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appealed to Canadians to remain unified and show solidarity in the face of the ongoing pandemic, and its social ramifications.

“Canadians have been through a lot. We have a lot of challenges ahead of us. Let’s remember that we’re fighting a virus, not each other. Let’s work together. After two difficult and painful years, we have a lot of healing to do, and now is the time to be there for one another.”

—Justin Trudeau pleads for solidarity

Despite the revocation of the act, Trudeau noted that “the threat continues,” whether through the presence of protest camps in various cities or the continued organization of illegal protests online. He added that it will be important to examine the growth and progress of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” movement, which intended to remove the recently reelected government from office.

“It is important that we gain a fuller understanding of what gave rise to this kind of disregard for laws and threat to our democracy. We need to make sure our institutions are prepared and ready in the future. While the immediate emergency situation is over, this issue won’t just go away. We need to constantly work to defend and improve our democracy at home and around the world.”

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