Top 5 popular films among students

Watching a movie can provide students with premium entertainment and serve as safe haven to run to in times of stress.

As a student, having to study, work on group projects and listen to lectures every day can be quite challenging and, at the end of the day, leave you drained with a lack of motivation for further studying. Of course, in emergency cases, you can pay someone to do my homework, if it is possible. 

The easiest way to lift your mood is watching a movie. Movies can  also have a significant impact on lifestyle choices and mindset. This is why it’s important to watch the right movies at specific ages, especially when you’re a student, providing assistance with homework help.

Movies have gained an increased popularity all over the world especially among students due to its fast accessibility, problem solver and source of entertainment. Lecturers have tried to adapt new techniques like recommendation of educational movie and use of projector during lectures to improve their teaching method.

Listed below are the top 5 movies and TV shows that can benefit any student mentally, physically and socially.

Like Stars on Earth

This is a heartwarming, educational movie that revolves round the life of an eight-year- old-boy with dyslexia named Ishaan Awasthi. This affects his performance in school and at home, forcing Ishaan to live in the shadow of his older brother — Yohan Awasthi, who is an exemplary student with great athletic performance.

Having no one around to understand him, Ishaan faced difficulty both in an academic and home setting until a new unconventional art teacher called Ram Shankar Nikumbh helps him discover his hidden potential: painting. 

Ram who also had dyslexia in his early stage of life was able to notice Ishaan dyslexia on time. This story sheds light on how most children who are not able to voice out in the society suffer from illness they don’t get treated for and those they have no knowledge of till it becomes severe.

This affects them socially, academically or physically. Which leads to mistreatment among their peers, parents or teachers.This movie teaches how to improve on family bond especially among parents who might be ignorant of what their children might be going through.

King of Boys: The Return of the King

This dramatic thriller is more focused on the world of politics. If you haven’t seen the first movie in this series, you should watch that first if you want to enjoy the suspense of the sequel. This is the type of movie that keeps you on your toes from start to finish. King of Boys 2 sheds more light on the dirty side of politics 

King of Boys: The Return of the King features unexpected turns and twists that leave viewers amazed by the end of the movie. The lead actress, known as Soba Solawale, who plays Alhaja Eniola Salami in the movie, portrays how politics can get very dirty and shows the true extent people can reach to attain and maintain political position.

Squid Game

Of all Korean TV shows, this is a favourite among students. There aren’t enough words that can describe just how brilliant this series is. Squid Game is a story of 456 desperate individuals who are willing to partake in a series of life-threatening games in order to win a huge cash prize at the end. This movie related to the hardship most individuals face in reality and how we tend to reason and react to certain situations. 

Even though the characters were first tricked into the tournament and then allowed to leave, after realizing that living in the real world is no easier, they opted to come back and participate willingly. A closer view of the movie shows how an individual’s life challenges can be taken advantage of and how we view the world.

The Social Network

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook — sounds familiar, right? This movie focuses the story of his life on his time as a student at Harvard University, when Mark comes up with creation of the social network platform that is widely known now as Facebook. He faces adversity, however, from two of his university acquaintances, who accused him of stealing their idea, and his co-founder, who was later squeezed out of business.

With over 500 million users and a value of over $20-billion, Facebook made Zuckerberg one of the youngest self-made billionaires in the world.

A fun fact about this movie is that it provides insight into how Facebook was founded and developed. Even though the movie is not entirely accurate, it holds a significant amount of truth regarding the rise of the social media platform.

When you find something you like doing and you have a goal you want achieve, you find yourself becoming more optimistic, determined and motivated to achieve it. Surely, you will believe in yourself more, being inspired by one of the most successful dreamers all over the world.


This is the story of two expeditions that aimed to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth. Even though the teams prepared for the journey, they still faced some momentous challenges that tested their mental and physical fortitude.

The lesson of this movie shows how no matter how prepared you are, your plan might not go as expect. Life would always find new challenges to throw at you and when this happens you need to adapt and push yourself harder to overcome them.


Most students who don’t take a break, even if their plan is otherwise well-scheduled, end up getting choked with so many assignments, deadlines and lectures, an overwhelming scenario that may result in having to paying someone to do my homework. You could avoid that.

Watching movies can provide students with immense satisfaction and premium entertainment and it can be your safe haven to run to in time of stress.

Apart from the relaxation and comfort you can get while watching movies, another major benefit is that it refreshes and opens your mind to process new information and widen your horizons. You will gain powerful inspiration and feel the strength to change your life as you wish.

Remember: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.