james william awad sunwing flight organizer

The Cancún party flight organizer is an aspiring rapper, obviously

James William Awad makes music under the name Senior.

James William Awad, the organizer of the now-infamous Sunwing party flight, has a number of colourful hustles. An investigative report by Journal de Montréal details many curious business practices by the young entrepreneur, including illegal stockbroking and a small real estate fortune worth $17.3-million, all of which was paid in cash. Furthermore, Awad doubles as a rapper, dropping projects via his “decentralized business” startup, TripleOne.

Awad has released two albums under the alias Senior: 2020’s I Feel Better Alone and last year’s Break & Tell. Frankly, these projects are both near-unlistenable. The latter album’s opening song, “Sun Girl,” include some simply baffling lyrics.

“Made a killing with a bad bitch, on a bad call, it’s all on the news. Keep my secrets in the past tense, you little bitch, don’t make me take my gun under my mattress.”


Cancún party flight organizer James William Awad makes music under the name Senior.

In late December, several profiles on Awad were published within a few days of each another, from the likes of Haute Living, Ocean Drive and Music Times. These articles praise him for being a “technological genius” and a “self-made success.”

Earlier today, James William Awad released an official statement addressing his controversial flight, in which he attempts to bring some clarity to the ordeal.

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