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Party flight organizer releases pitiful statement addressing controversy

“This was my first travel event. I have significantly learned, and I am still learning from this experience.”

James William Awad, the organizer of the controversial chartered party flight from Montreal to Cancún, has released an official statement addressing the ordeal and the controversy.

James William Awad took to Twitter to share his official statement about the controversial Sunwing flight that he organized.

“I understand why many fellow citizens are upset about the current situation,” Awad expains. “As someone who enjoys bringing people together, I committed to hosting a private and safe event in Cancún with my group from the 111 private club.”

Awad asserts that he and his group followed every demand made by their Sunwing security representative, which included proof of a valid PCR test and remaining in their seats unless they were going to the washroom. He claims, however, that a point of contention arose surrounding food being served on the plane.

“I agreed to every demand, including multiple In-Flight Guardians, I assured them every measure would be followed but we couldn’t conclude an agreement because Sunwing refused to Provide Meals to the group for a 5h flight.”

Awad concludes his statement by assuring that he and his team are hard at work to “to get everyone back home safely as quickly as we can” and that he is “still learning from this experience.” Yesterday evening, 12 of the party flight’s passengers returned to Montreal and detained upon arrival. One of the passengers from the initial flight, Rebecca St. Pierre, is currently isolating in Tulum, Mexico, after testing positive for COVID-19.

To read the full statement from James William Awad, please click here.

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