Rapid tests test testing Quebecers unvaccinated

Quebecers asked to register positive & negative rapid test results from past month

23,000 test results have already been recorded since yesterday.

On Wednesday, the Quebec government made it possible to register the results of rapid tests, and Health Minister Christian Dubé noted this morning that 23,000 people have already done so. According to Dubé, 1,000 of yesterday’s rapid test results were positive, and will be added to the daily tally of PCR tests reported by Santé Québec. Public health is asking Quebecers to enter the results of both positive and negative rapid tests from the past month, in order to present a more accurate positivity rate and track the spread of the Omicron variant.

“Along with vaccination, rapid tests are part of the tools that will allow us to learn to live with the virus. With this platform, everyone’s empowerment can make a big difference. We need Quebecers to support this new tool.”

—Christian Dubé

To report a rapid test result in Quebec, please click here.

Public health asks Quebecers to register positive & negative rapid test results from Dec., Jan.

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