new city gas montreal Intangible Forms by Shohei Fujimoto

Photo by dubsbydesign

New City Gas launches laser-based art exhibition Intangible Forms

The “immersive visual experiment” by Japanese artist Shohei Fujimoto has occupied the mega nightclub’s vacant dancefloors.

A new exhibition called Intangible Forms has its Canadian debut today at Montreal music venue New City Gas. The “immersive visual experiment” by Japanese artist Shohei Fujimoto incorporates strobe lights, safe lasers, haze and moving lights as part of the multi-sensory experience.
New City Gas’s first-ever art exhibit, Intangible Forms by Shohei Fujimoto, debuts today.

The layout of New City Gas allows for an ample setup. Intangible Forms includes seven immersive audio-visual installations, all in different rooms. Montreal is the second city to host the exhibition, after a successful launch in New York last year.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the popular nightclub and EDM venue has been largely unable to book shows, resulting in many major adjustments. Over the summer, Bazart, a Greek-inspired restaurant, launched within the space.

Intangible Forms runs at New City Gas (950 Ottawa) from Jan. 20 to April 16. Ticket prices range from $19 (student and senior discounts) to $28. For more, please visit the exhibition’s website.

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