François Legault approval rating lowest Halloween

Longueuil’s Chief of Police has a higher salary than François Legault

And Montreal’s chief of police, and the head of the SQ and the mayor of Longueuil.

Longueuil Chief of Police Fady Dagher recently negotiated an eight-year contract renewal that boosted his salary to approximately $300,000, including nearly $50,000 in benefits such as a car allowance. That puts his salary above that of Quebec Premier François Legault ($206,000), Sûreté du Québec director Johanne Beausoleil ($197,000), Montreal Police Chief Sylvain Caron ($238,000) and Longueuil Mayor Catherine Fournier ($185,000). (Following her win in the November election, Fournier reduced her salary by $65,000 to be in line with other equivalent cities as the previous mayor had been the highest paid in the province.)

Fournier has expressed her approval of Dagher’s new salary, which has seen an increase of between 30 and 35%. The Longueuil Police Chief has reportedly been cited across Canada and beyond for his Immersion Project, which aims to foster better relations between police officers and the communities they serve.

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