Laroie Samuel Pasquier

Photo by Samuel Pasquier

LISTEN: “A visceral call to return to the dancefloor” by Montreal artist Laroie

“Can’t Let Go,” remixed by THe LYONZ, is the first single from a forthcoming remix EP.

Like her former Heartstreets collaborator Emma Beko, Gab Godon (aka Laroie) has been making music solo, releasing the Speed of Life EP in September. Now she’s back in collaborative mode, with each of the songs from that EP being remixed by a different Montreal artist or crew. The first single from the forthcoming SOL Selection Remix EP is “Can’t Let Go,” remixed by THe LYONZ.

“There was this emotion in the original mix that we wanted to let come through in the remix. We wanted to keep the track open enough to showcase the vocals and use field recordings like non-traditional drum sounds to add texture.”

“Can’t Let Go” by Laroie, remixed by THe LYONZ

The SOL Selection Remix EP, which also features remixes by Martyn Bootyspoon, Honeydrip and Gene Tellem and Gabriel Rei, is described as “a musical manifesto, a visceral call to return to the dancefloor, by the next generation of the local electro scene.”

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