Canadian Celebrities Who Are Into Gambling

Which celebs like to spin the reels and wait for a jackpot or play a good game of poker or roulette?

Just like “ordinary” Canadians search for the best casino bonus Canada, some Canadian celebrities like their fair share of a gamble. After all, they’re people too. They also have their preferences, hobbies, passions, like the thrill of excitement and the thrill of risk only gambling can bring to the table.

So, which celebs like to spin the reels and wait for a jackpot or play a good game of poker or roulette? We’re here to present you with a list of four celebrities from Canada, some of whom are probably among your favorite art-related idols, but you didn’t know they are into gambling and don’t mind spending a great deal of cash on it.   

Canadian celebrities who like their fair share of a gamble  

Here’s a list of four Canadian celebrities who like gambling: 


The famous hip-hop artist from Canada, Drake, is one of the high-rollers in some of the top-rated casinos worldwide. Indeed, in 2019 he was the number five richest rapper as chosen by voters in Forbes. With that among of money, it’s no wonder he’s into gambling.

His father was an enthusiastic sports bettor, which leads us to say that gambling runs in Drake’s family. Also, Drake is one of the leading supporters and the co-owner of the 100 Thieves E-Sports Club.


This Canadian producer was the number one on the most-paid world’s DJs in Forbes, no wonder he likes to gamble. Surprisingly, Deadmau5 is not only into poker. He likes types of games of chances. Because he’s so passionate about gambling, Microgaming named one of their slot machines after him as a sign of honor.

Matthew Perry  

This American-Canadian actor, known mostly from the “Friends,” is a regular attendee of poker tournaments. In 2015, one paparazzi took a photo of Matthew gambling at a Commerce Casino at 6 am. We can only conclude that he’s an avid gambler and doesn’t mind playing poker until dawn. 

Pamela Anderson  

Shockingly, in 2007, Pamela Anderson revealed at the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she owed money to a casino in Las Vegas, which was no less than $125,000. She paid the debt by getting involved with Rick Salomon, the famous poker player. Pamela is known for being a gambling enthusiast and a true poker fan which led to her opening the “BamPoker,” a room on Facebook for tournaments in Texas Hold’em Poker.