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Three Questions to Ask Your Doctor During a Breast Implant Consultation

Besides facial procedures such as facelifts and rhinoplasty, one of the biggest cosmetic demands among women is breast augmentation and implants.

The demand for cosmetic plastic surgery has steadily risen since the beginnings of the pandemic. Many have attributed this surge in demand to a combination of people having unused vacation time, remotely distancing themselves on their own, and having to see themselves daily on-camera through remote workplace meetings.

Besides facial procedures such as facelifts and rhinoplasty, one of the biggest cosmetic demands among women is breast augmentation and implants. While the statistics for 2021 have not yet been released, breast augmentations were the fourth most popular procedure women received in 2020. With such a surge in demand, many clinics in Montreal became booked until the following year, causing those desiring implant procedures to look elsewhere within the country. 

Whether you can book your surgery here or travel to get breast implants in Toronto, there are some important questions one your surgeon during your consolation with them. Here are three questions you should always ask before going under the knife.

Your Surgeons Qualifications

This is one of the most important topics to discuss with your surgeon. While doing your research online, you’ve probably already learned some information about your surgeon, but it’s always good to hear it from them personally.

Be sure to ask them about their certifications and qualifications in their field for a detailed history and experience with breast implants. While clinics often have photos of their work on their website, many keep more detailed examples for the consultation period, making it a great time to ask for them.

Besides the “on paper” skills, it’s also important to take note of the surgeon’s interpersonal skills as well. Things to note while you’re meeting with them can be the following:

● Is the doctor actively listening?

● Are they being transparent about harder topics like recovery time and pain levels?

● Are they addressing all your questions and concerns?

● Are you being rushed?

● Is the doctor asking you questions about your needs and medical history?

● Be wary of any surgeon promising any magic cures.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Not anyone is a perfect candidate for breast implants. A trustworthy surgeon will require a detailed medical history from you, including any known allergies and a list of medications and supplements (even things like herbal tea are relevant!).

Patients with heart disease, blood disorders, obesity, and diabetes, may all be denied the procedure. For breast augmentation and implants specifically, a patient usually needs to be over the age of 18-22 depending on the type of implants they desire and have realistic expectations about the procedure.

What Are My Implant Options?

With today’s modern plastic surgery technology, the options out there for breast implants and augmentation are greater than ever before. Options for breast augmentations can include a combination of shape, size, contents of filling and procedure style.

Some of these options include circular or teardrop-shaped implants, whether the fillings inside the implants are silicone or saline, and whether or not a combination of fat transfer augmentation or breast lifts should be performed alongside the procedure.