Top 52 Montreal Songs 2021

The Top 52 Montreal Songs of 2021

A song for every week of 2021 as another year of Montreal artists persevering is now in the books.

Another year of Montreal artists persevering in the books. I was going to say something about life gradually reopening and venues filling once again, but it looks like we’ve got another dark, solitary winter coming up.

Last year we did an emergency 100 songs list to give as many shoutouts as possible. This year, it’s a modest 52 — a song for every week of 2021, as suggested by my wife. If life keeps dragging on, maybe I’ll do another list out of sheer boredom.

Same rules as previous years apply: one track per artist, and I’ll let it slide if an artist spent most of the year elsewhere. The order is focused on flow more than supposed merit, because it’s all pretty arbitrary, anyway. Also, many, many, many songs were considered, so apologies if your fave missed the cut.

52. (tie) “REM Freestyle” by Maky Lavender, “Droit Devant” by Blxck Cxsper

“Had to start with music about the REM and CF Montreal.” (Watch Maky Lavender here, and listen to Blxck Cxsper below.)

51. “Nicholas Craven Medley” by Nomadic Massive

“Shoutout to one of rap’s best producers, who also happens to be a Montrealer.”

50. “BiG” by Just J.

“The first live performance I saw in two years. Hard to forget that.”

49. “Hole in My Heart” by Martha Wainwright

“Holding down a neighbourhood venue and dropping records at the same time.”

48. “Handsome (But U Ugly!)” by Saint Zenon

“A pandemic supergroup?”

47. “They Used to Call Me Anthony” by Jashim

“Future punk sounds in Spanish.”

46. “Parle Money” (feat. Graffiti Boys Radio) by CSHMR

“Blade Runnner&B.”

45. “Understand” by Zach Zoya

“Montreal rap’s crossover star can pen an earworm.”

44. “V: Movement” by Bell Orchestre

“A welcome return after over a decade. They even brought it to the OSM.”

43. “Pretty Face” by Yuki Dreams Again

“The catchiest contribution from an emerging pop enclave.”

42. “Lost” by Hardbody Jones

“A cathartic smashing.”

41. “Tu t’en iras” by la Zarra

“The latest Montrealer to take France by storm.”