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Ginette Reno debuts her own gin, Gin-ette

You’re never drinking alone if you’re drinking with Ginette.

Juno Award-winning singer Ginette Reno is the latest celebrity to break into the world of alcohol products. The singer has announced Gin-ette, a gin made to reflect the style and flavour of the esteemed Quebec chanteuse.

You’re never drinking alone if you’re drinking with Ginette.

“[If] you would have told me that I would have a Gin in my image today, I would never have believed you,” joked the singer in the announcement of the product. The singer elaborated that Gin-ette is a collaborative effort with her son, who saw a signature alcohol as an opportunity to further expand her brand and likeness.

“My son the idea for Gin-ette. He asked me, ‘Who do you want to taste like?’ God, I’m already not the type to drink myself…He explained to me that now Quebec gins are more refined and that we can have several aromatic profiles. He said to me, ‘Why don’t we do like your chamomile tea with lemon, that would be good, right?’ I am very happy to present to you the Gin-ette made by my son and the les Subversifs distillery.”

—Ginette Reno

Gin-ette is currently available for pre-order via the SAQ and is priced at $48. The first 100 orders will received their bottles signed by Ginette Reno.

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