Fly in Style with These Pro Tips

What do the veteran commuters know that everyone else doesn’t?

There’s a lot to be learned from experienced commuters who seem so at ease during their travels. For many people, trying to make a flight and navigating airports is stressful.

What do the veteran commuters know that everyone else doesn’t? Let’s take a look!

Drive Yourself to the Airport

It’s easier to be relaxed at the airport if you can get there reliably for less, and a new model of airport commute makes that possible. Now, you can find inexpensive Montreal airport parking and park affordably at airports across North America byparking at a lot adjacent to the airport.

When you arrive, show the attendant your reservation, then board the free shuttle to your terminal. It’s that easy. Stop depending on other people for rides and overpaying for parking and get with the times.

Pack Strategically

Knowing what to bring on a flight is half the battle. The other half is packing it wisely. For example, try to fit everything you’ll need for the trip into your carry-on luggage to avoid extra fees,and so you won’t have to wait for the luggage carousel on the other side, hoping your bags weren’t lost.

Bring entertainment from home that will keep you busy on the plane. Maybe you want work documents, a favourite novel, or a particular movie or TV series. You may be able to buy something to keep you occupied at a store in the airport, but even if you can, it’ll be overpriced.

Try to pack food from home for the same reasons. You’ll be able to control the levels of nutrition and portion sizes, not to mention the most important thing — flavour. 

Clothes That Function and Look Great

Today’s commuter clothing is not just stylish but comfortable and functional in many ways. There are shirts and pants designed to look great in business meetings or on the town, yet they’re stretchy enough to be comfortable on long plane rides.However, they also retain their shape, so they won’t be wrinkled when you deboard.

Look for sweat-wicking clothing that resists bad odours, so you smell fresh too. The best clothes also have secure pockets with zippers, so you can safely stow your valuables. Some pants even have special secret pockets in the back designed to fit a passport.

Leave Your Seat Occasionally

During your flight, don’t be shy about using the bathroom or finding another reason to leave your seat for a bit. It’s good to stretch your legs and keep your body from getting stiff. 

Even a brief walk up and down the aisle is better than remaining in place for the entire flight.

It’s OK if you’re a bit rusty when it comes to travelling, given the travel hiatus caused by COVID-19. So long as you’re double-vaccinated and following the health recommendations from local medical experts, keep these tips above in mind next time you fly to have a smoother and slicker travel experience.