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YTV nostalgia arrives via Retrokid clothing collection

Video & Arcade Top 10!

If you’re Canadian and grew up in the 1990s or beyond, there is a good chance that YTV was a big part of your childhood. The television network was home to a wide array of stellar kids’ programming, including original series like ReBoot, The Big Comfy Couch and the bizarre, slime-laced game show, Uh Oh!. Canadian clothing brand Retrokid is bringing back YTV nostalgia in a magnificent manner.

For their latest clothing drop, Retrokid is bringing back YTV nostalgia.

For their latest clothing drop, Retrokid have teamed up with YTV for an officially licensed collection. The threads pay tribute to everything from Video & Arcade Top 10 to the television channel’s unforgettable Halloween logo. Retrokid encourages their clientele to “celebrate [their] inner pre-teen” with the collaboration.

Retrokid was founded in 2018 by Toronto-born voice actor Eric Bauza. Bauza is best known as the voice of several Looney Tunes characters. He provided his talents to bring life to Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and Foghorn Leghorn in Space Jam: A New Legacy.

You can take a look at Retrokid’s entire YTV collection here. All items are currently on a pre-order discount and are set to ship on Nov. 22.

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