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Pop Smoke, Faith: REVIEW

“Can we please let Pop Smoke rest in peace?”

Pop Smoke, Faith (Republic)

Can we please let Pop Smoke rest in peace? For his second posthumous release, a whopping 21 features span the album’s 22 tracks. This is coming from the same rapper who specifically outlined his disdain for too many collaborations in any interview he gave shortly before his death. It is clear that many of the tracks were works in progress, with guest verses slapped on to “complete” the songs. The Dua Lipa-assisted lead single “Demeanor” is in fact quite the misdemeanor. It’s a mess of a mashup, essentially throwing some sped up, unreleased lines from the rapper over an otherwise great Dua track. 4.5/10 Trial Track: “Tell the Vision” (feat. Kanye West and Pusha T)

Pop Smoke, Faith (Republic)

This review originally appeared in the August issue of Cult MTL. For more on Pop Smoke, please visit his website.

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