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New ad starring P.K. Subban addresses racism, sexism, bullying in hockey

“Go back to where we belong? This is where we belong.”

Scotiabank has launched a new program called Hockey for All in an effort to make hockey more inclusive for all Canadians. The program includes support programs for Black and Indigenous youth, young People of Colour and community hockey teams, as well as grassroots initiatives and the Hockey Diversity Alliance Education Program. The Hockey for All ad campaign, which has been airing since the start of the hockey season, addresses racism, sexism and bullying in the sport, and features NHL player P.K. Subban.

The ad shows racist taunts and insults being directed at Black, Asian and Indigenous hockey players, sexist and misogynistic comments to women hockey players and bullying directed to sledge hockey and LGBTQ players. At the end of the ad, a Black player is taunted with the phrase, “Go back to where you belong.” P.K. Subban responds.

“Go back to where we belong? This is where we belong.”

—P.K. Subban

The campaign comes at a time when the majority of people who played youth hockey in Canada say racism, misogyny, exclusion and bullying are all problems in the culture of the sport.

Check out the excellent ad below.

P.K. Subban stars in the new Hockey for All campaign by Scotiabank, which addresses racism, sexism and bullying in hockey.

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