French language spoken at home Quebecers

Photo by Eva Blue

Montreal now has a French language commissioner

Roseline Fréchette will work with former Parti Québécois cabinet minister Louise Harel on a francization plan for the city.

As reported today in La Presse, linguist Roseline Fréchette will be the city’s first French language commissioner. Fréchette, who has experience in francization programs and the promotion of French-language learning in Montreal, will ensure the implementation of the first action plan to promote French in the city. The creation of the French language commissioner position, to be held by Roseline Fréchette for three years, was announced by Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante in June.

Last week former Parti Québécois cabinet minister Louise Harel was chosen to chair the committee of the 24-step francization action plan, which includes an increase in French activities in cultural establishments and in the promotion for local culture to people who are new to the city.

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