Isabella Lovestory Osheaga Get Together 2021

Osheaga 2021 in photos

The Get Together edition of the music festival at Parc Jean-Drapeau was the comeback we were waiting for.

The Osheaga Get Together heralded a very welcome return of Montreal’s mightiest outdoor music festival, from Oct. 1–3 at Parc Jean-Drapeau. (Read the Cult MTL report here.) Below are some of the sights we saw at Osheaga 2021 over the weekend, photos by Cindy Lopez.

Magi Merlin (Osheaga 2021 in photos)
Magi Merlin
 (Osheaga 2021 in photos)
Ruby Waters
 (Osheaga 2021 in photos)
Bulow (Osheaga 2021 in photos)
(Osheaga 2021 in photos)
The Franklin Electric
 (Osheaga 2021 in photos)
Charlotte Cardin
 (Osheaga 2021 in photos)
Haviah Mighty
Zach Zoya
Roy Woods
Majid Jordan
Jessie Reyez (Osheaga 2021 in photos)
Jessie Reyez
Les Shirley
The Damn Truth
July Talk (Osheaga 2021 in photos)
July Talk
(Osheaga 2021 in photos)
Half Moon Run (Osheaga 2021 in photos)
Osheaga 2021 photos

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