Mandatory vaccinations for federal public servants, travellers within Canada

Federal employees who don’t comply face unpaid leave.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced that COVID-19 vaccinations will be mandatory for federal public servants, as well as for people travelling within Canada by planes and trains. These mandates, in effect for federal employees as of Oct. 29 and travellers as of Oct. 30, will also apply to travellers using federally regulated marine vessels with a staff of more than 12, but not to ferries.

There will be a one-month grace period for travellers where proof of a recent negative COVID test will be accepted. The vaccine mandate will be fully enforced as of Nov. 30, with rare exemptions for emergency situations.

Companies like Air Canada and Via Rail will have to take responsibility for verifying proof of vaccination, be it vaccine passports or printed proof. Trudeau noted that vaccine proof will become part of the booking process so that a traveller’s status will appear on their boarding pass or train tickets.

These vaccine mandates were first announced on Aug. 13, a few days before the federal election in Canada was called.

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for federal public servants, travellers within Canada

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