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Conservative, Bloc voters most critical of Afghan evac, think 20K refugees is too many

Some notable hypocrisy on the Afghanistan issue along party lines.

According to a new poll by the Angus Reid Institute, respondents who support the Conservative Party of Canada and the Bloc Québécois are at once most critical of the evacuation of Canadians, Afghans and others from Afghanistan and the most likely to feel that 20,000 Afghan refugees from the ascendant Taliban regime is too many for Canada to accept.

13% of Conservative supporters and 11% of Bloc Québécois supporters feel Canada shouldn’t have accepted ANY refugees from Afghanistan, while 32% and 35% of their supporters, respectively, feel that the initially set number of incoming Afghan refugees, 20,000, is too high. Meanwhile a whopping 65% of Conservative respondents and 43% of Bloc-voting respondents feel that the evacuation has been a failure.

Conservative, Bloc voters most critical of Afghan evac; think 20K refugees is too many

In the Liberal Party of Canada platform released this week, Justin Trudeau pledged to bring in twice as many Afghan refugees than originally promised, for a total of 40,000.

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