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WATCH: “Vibe for Me” by Aqyila, Toronto’s next superstar

We spoke to the rising singer whose TikTok hit now has a new video.

The next generation is taking over. If Drake was the one who sparked Toronto’s torch, Aqyila could very well be the one he passes it to. The songstress from the 416 made a name for herself during the pandemic with “Vibe for Me (Bob for Me),” a slow jam turned TikTok hit.

The song is not your conventional TikTok song, yet creators on the app used inventive dance moves to turn the tune into a success for the ages. “Vibe for Me (Bob for Me)” gained peak attention when R&B superstars Lizzo and Monica both used the song in their own social media videos.

Aqyila’s reign has only just begun. The 22-year-old singer recently signed a deal with Sony, a partnership she believes will nourish the development she needs to reach new heights. 

We hopped on Zoom with Aqyila to discuss “Vibe for Me (Bob for Me)”’s impressive run, along with her new deal and plans ahead.

On growing up in Toronto

“Yeah, there’s so much diversity down here that I love. I love that everybody here is from all different shapes and backgrounds. It helps influence me in a sense because there’s not one specific genre that I’ll listen to. I like to listen to a bunch of different music and I like being put on to new artists that I’ve never heard of.

“There are so many Canadian artists with so much talent. People know a lot more about Toronto now. Then when they hear about “The Six” and stuff, I feel like Drake definitely made that (term) big and put us on in a sense, for everybody to know (Toronto).”

On her favourite “Vibe for Me” TikToks

“There’s one with these two guys that did a funny dance with the bob wig to it. They ended up following me on Instagram. We talk every now and then. 

“My favourite ones are definitely Lizzo and Monica because I was so shocked — I didn’t expect them to even see it. Lizzo sang the song when she was getting her makeup and hair done right and then Monica even lip synced to it, made it all bougie and stuff! I was like, “Oh my God, no way!” because those are people that I genuinely listen to. it was really nice to see that, especially being caught off guard because I didn’t even realize (that they would know the song).”

On her dream “Vibe for Me” remix

“I was just talking about this today! It’d be dope if Shenseea would hop on it. I like that she’s a Jamaican artist because my background is Jamaican, too. I love to listen to a lot of dancehall. Or even Ari Lennox!”

On finally having a proper studio space

“Well, definitely. Before, I would usually hold up my old Mac computer and sing into the mic and use my brother’s gaming headset so I could hear myself back. There’s definitely a charm to that as well. 

“You don’t need the fanciest of fancy equipment to make a nice song. If your song is good, then it’s good and people will listen to it. So now I have the opportunity to use that equipment and make my vocal production sound better. It’s awesome because I didn’t have a mic before and stuff like that. I’m really taking advantage of that.”

On signing with Sony

“Sony was on the same page of what me and manager were thinking about in terms of the pathway from TikTok into actually, you know, going in the direction of being an artist.

“Sony kind of gave me that opportunity where they’re also building me as an artist. It just felt better for me to go with that. The team is awesome. I love to talk to them, like almost every day.  We’re all kind of like a little family there.”

On her plans for the rest of 2021

“Everybody keeps asking me, ‘Are you going to drop an EP and more music?’ It’s definitely on the way. I’ve been working with so many people. Hopefully, I’m going to be travelling very soon. That’s even more opportunities to work with more people and connect. Those are really the plans for this year, you know — just more content.”

Watch a live studio session of “Vibe for Me” here:

“Vibe for Me” by Aqyila

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